Water will be cut off for 15 hours at the entrance of Huizhi Road, Jinzhou Avenue, Changsha, starting at 22:00 on February 16

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Sanxiang City Daily on February 15 (all media reporter Zhou Ke correspondent Zhai Li) In order to cooperate with the municipal pipe network supporting facilities construction, Changsha Water Supply Co., Ltd. will be from 22 on February 16 to 13 on February 17 for changsha rail transit Line 2 Xiyan Phase ii Jinzhou Avenue station water supply pipeline transfer and connection work,Water will be cut off at the junction of Jinzhou Avenue and Hui Zhi Road, west of Hui Zhi Road and along hui Zhi Road (Changxing Road – Jin Zhou Avenue).Key influencing units and users: International Enterprise Center, Tianjian Yunlufu, BasF Shanshan Battery Material Co., LTD. Changsha Base, Gulf Store and adjacent areas.There will be less water pressure in the immediate area.In some high remote areas and buildings of secondary water supply pump houses, the incoming water time may be delayed. Please prepare for water storage.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]