Valentine’s Day 2022 | A gift to your partner for extra points

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Cover news reporter Li Xuedan Valentine’s Day is approaching, the lovers with sincere love gifts to each other.On the occasion of the festival full of love and honey, a kind gift for love plus, encounter beautiful love, embrace happy life.Zegna 2022 Winter Collection explores contemporary fashion in a soft but firm presentation, explaining the concept of practical and personal, comfortable and unconventional wardrobe, giving a new definition to traditional formal wear and emphasizing the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor life.Multi-level overlapping, as well as the fusion of different styles and functions, throughout the design theme of this season: the outline coat is decorated with decorative belt, lined with high-tech mulberry silk material;Wear-resistant wool thick jacket;A fine leather and cashmere shirt can be worn alone or paired with a casual jacket;The thick and thin sweater has the real wear of the coat.The boundaries of indoor and outdoor, interior and exterior wear are gradually blurred and constantly changing.The new collection creates a flowing yet crisp silhouette through the casual overlap of different pieces, including cape-style coats and jackets, overalls, parkas, cotton-padded coats, pullovers and narrow-legged trousers.Details of the collar, pockets and decorative wraps are integrated into the overall design to ensure freedom of movement in all situations.The timeless urban elegance Brioni fall/Winter 2022 collection combines personality and tolerance with a masculine silhouette that broadly continues the brand’s enduring tailoring, but more completely breaks free.New cutting technology and delicate fabrics complement each other, creating a refreshing urban elegant image, hidden deep craftsmanship in a crisp simplicity.The hybrid knit thermals feature a unique blend of Brioni’s collection of wool suit fabrics as the front, while the sleeves and back are seamlessly knitted and lined with light goose down inside.The technical parka is made with a fur lining, combined with a fresh collection fabric.Cashmere shirt coats, a key piece that connects formal and casual, are also embracing richer color options this season.The collection also features subtle structural changes, such as adding invisible tightness at the waistband and significantly reducing shoulder lining.The midnight blue reverse cardigan jacket and matching trousers were created using a hybrid tailoring technique.Deconstructed pieces include a workings-inspired ultralight cashmere herringbone suit, as well as a tracksuit made of rugby jumpers and grey herringbone double-sided cashmere cotton blend trousers.Made of elk and crocodile skin, the uppers are strong and light.When snuggling up to your partner on Valentine’s Day, say “crown love, crown your life” between your fingers and surprise her with a touching moment.In the “belle Epoque” of the late 19th century, CHAUMET created the romantic egret crown that was fashionable in European celebrity society.Putting on a diamond ring CHAUMET JOSEPHINE’s Coronation egret crown is like putting a light and gorgeous egret crown on your partner and saying “love crowns you” to warm up your love during a romantic date.The moment you put the ring on your partner’s finger also means making a commitment to your love for each other.CHAUMET JOSEPHINE coronation • Love rings are uniquely designed in a “V” shape slanting towards the centre, like two loved ones meeting and embracing. The details highlight CHAUMET’s unique artistic aesthetic and express deep feelings in simple and elegant designs.Precious Lace makes Precious diamonds and delicate Lace more accessible.From day to night, on any occasion, these extraordinary jewelry treasures can add sparkle to any style of women.Between fine jewelry and fine jewelry, the art of wearing precious stones is conceived in a unique way: classic yet modern, demonstrating Chopard’s superb talent for blending elegance with casualness.Precious Lace is a collection of intricate patterns, eddies, ripples and scalloped edges of old vintage Lace.The theme pattern of this series is full of rhythmic ripple vortex decoration, which is made of gold material and inlaid with precious stones.This theme is miniaturised by the stylized “mini-Froufrou” flowers, whose fan-shaped edges and pear-cut ruby petals emerge against a hollowed-out background and adorn rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.