The defeat of Hua Yuan in the State of Song and the death of Zheng Ling Gong in the State of Zheng did not give subordinates the face they wanted

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In 608 BC, The state of Zheng surrendered to the state of Chu.The following year, Zi Guisheng, the official of the State of Zheng, led his troops to attack the state of Song under the order of the state of Chu.Song officials Hua Yuan and Le Lu led an army to resist.Before the war, Hua Yuan ordered his logistic staff to kill sheep for the officers to eat to boost their morale.This is originally a good thing, but because they did not arrange their own royal sheep poured share, and the sheep poured resentment.Charioteer is the ancient charioteer, the status is not low.Hua Yuan killed the sheep for the officers to eat, but did not feed his own royal sheep, in everyone’s eyes is a humiliation to the sheep.Perhaps the scholars in the pre-Qin period valued fame more, or Yang Chong was a strong man. He even drove Hua Yuan’s chariot into zheng’s army during the battle between Zheng and Song, so that Hua Yuan was captured and the Song army was defeated.After the war, The state of Song paid a large sum of money to redeem Chinese yuan from the State of Zheng.In the middle of the negotiation between Song and Zheng, Hua Yuan fled back to The state of Song.As soon as Yang Chong left, the complaints of scholars and people caused by the defeat of the Song army were all borne by Hua Yuan.For this reason, Hua Yuan had to temporarily go to the people’s anger.Song army defeat, sheep poured is undoubtedly the culprit.Out of his own selfish anger, he threw general Manager Hua Yang into the enemy array, causing the Song army to fall into chaos and then lose the battle, resulting in numerous casualties.For this reason, Song had to pay the price to redeem the captured Song troops, which was another blow to song’s national strength.Thus it can be seen that what sheep do is a great sin.Although Yang Chong is guilty of a great deal, Hua Yuan is also responsible for it.As a general manager, he not only failed to unite the army, but also made unfair things to hurt the self-esteem of part of the subordinates, and finally provoked the revenge of the imperial Sheep pour.What Hua Yuan did is not wise.Similarly, a subsequent coup in the State of Zheng was also caused by the superior’s failure to give face to his subordinates.Zheng Mugong, the sovereign of zheng, died the next year after Childe Guisheng defeated Song, and his son Childe Yi ascended to the throne, known as Zheng Ling Gong in history.In the first year of zheng Ling’s reign, a man from the State of Chu presented him with a turtle. Zheng Ling asked the cook to cook a soup with the turtle. He planned to serve it to his nobles.At that moment childe Song and Childe Guisheng were preparing to visit Zheng Ling Gong.With a sudden movement of his forefinger, Childe Song said to Childe Guisheng, “I used to eat delicious food when I moved my finger like this.”When they entered zheng Linggong’s palace, they smiled at each other as they saw the cook making turtle soup.Zheng Ling Gong asked them why they were laughing.Zi GUI sheng told Zheng Ling Gong what Gong Zi Song had said before.When Zheng Ling heard this, he was not happy about it. He felt that His highness did not pay much attention to him, so he refused to eat the turtle soup after it was made in order to humiliate him.Song was so angry that he dipped his forefinger into the soft-shelled turtle soup, tasted it, and left.Seeing childe Song being so rude, Lord Ling of Zheng became angry and wanted to kill him.Sun Song’s position and power were much stronger than Yang Chong’s, and his temper was also much bigger.He drew childe to return to live, discuss to kill Zheng Ling Gong, first start strong.Childe Guisheng did not want to kill the sovereign, so he said, “Since the animal is old, we still need to think about killing it, let alone killing the sovereign.”When Childe Song saw that childe was not happy to return to zheng, he threatened him with killing Him with his words of treason.Childe GUI Sheng had no way but to kill Zheng Ling Gong together with Childe Song.In this case, Childe Song was rather domineering and rude. However, if Zheng Linggong had let childe Song eat soft-shelled turtle soup with other doctors, he would have achieved a great reputation.Unfortunately Zheng Ling male mind is not open, did not give childe song and can, soup, ruthlessly fell childe song’s face, and finally to a fatal disaster, is worth it.We can learn from these two things that people should not get along with themselves too much and should give each other reasonable respect.Especially when it comes to getting along with people whose interests are relevant to you, you should give each other more face, otherwise the end will not be very good.