Obey the law to know ritual safe! Heartache!!Don’t let luck turn into misfortune

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Typical case At 11 o ‘clock on December 30, 2021, Li Yu E***1 heavy semidar tractor driving along the well-off road to the intersection of Qingdong Village, and from the north to the south riding two wheel electric car Wang accident, Wang due to not wearing a safety helmet, severe head injury resulting in invalid rescue death, two cars damaged to varying degrees.After a detailed investigation, the accident was caused by Wang ignoring traffic signals and traffic rules and running a red light.Henan traffic police warm tips: driving electric vehicles must comply with the laws and regulations, do not run red lights do not rush!Riding electric car specification wear safety helmet!Motor vehicles crossing the intersection to pay attention to observe, slow down the passage.Driving in the middle lane of the vehicle, the driver’s line of sight is blocked by both sides of the vehicle, but also to enhance vigilance, pay close attention to the movement of both sides of the vehicle, once detected on both sides of the vehicle deceleration parking, also to follow the deceleration parking, to prevent the “ghost probe” type of accident.