2009 Hunan woman gave birth to “monkey baby”, circus wants to spend a lot of money to buy, mother: Impossible

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Human lips can issue the sweetest words, is mother, the most beautiful call, is mother.Maternal love is probably the most selfless love in the world, any weak woman in the moment she becomes a mother, she will become very strong.Today let’s go into the story of Liu Xinglian and her “little monkey”.In 1985, Liu Xinglian was born into an ordinary peasant family in Huaihua, Hunan province.In rural areas at that time, it was common for every family to live on a few acres of land, and Liu xinglian’s family was no exception.The poverty of the family made Liu xinglian go to the city to work together with the villagers after finishing junior high school.Liu xinglian and her sisters from the same village had to work in factories because of their low education and lack of skills.It would be a lie to say that working life is not bitter, but liu xinglian harvested love during working.Before long, this face still takes a little childisiac little girl and husband Liang Zhongnan walked into the palace of marriage together.After marriage, Liang Zhongnan is very fond of his wife Liu Xinglian. Although he is not rich, his life is also practical.Liu xinglian’s eldest daughter soon became pregnant, much to the joy of the family.The family took good care of Liu xinglian, waiting for the arrival of this little life.Ten months later, Liu xinglian gave birth to her first child, a healthy and beautiful daughter.Her husband let Liu focus on taking care of the baby at home, while she found a factory nearby to support her family.Two years later, Liu became pregnant again.Liang Zhongnan was so happy to learn that he would be a father again, and the whole family were beaming with happiness.When Liu Xinglian was pregnant with her second child, she found her belly was slightly smaller than that of her first, but none of her family paid attention because she did not go to the hospital for a check-up early in her first birth, and the baby was healthy.So it wasn’t until she was seven months old that Liu xinglian went to the hospital for her first checkup.However, the family was in a state of anxiety when the doctor found that the baby was much smaller than normal. The doctor sternly told Liu that it would be risky to have the baby.Should Liu Xinglian and daughter give birth to this child after all?Liu xinglian himself was not sure.The family then sat together to discuss, considering abortion is bad for health, coupled with the whole family are not willing to give up this little life, finally we decided to gamble.Liu xinglian’s family bought a lot of nutritional supplements for her body, expecting the child to absorb a little more nutrition and develop normally.Disappointed by the results, Liu gave birth to her second child in 2009.But the baby stunned doctors as he weighed just 1.05 kg and was only a third the size of a normal baby.More worrying for doctors, however, was that the baby did not cry after birth, indicating that it was choking.This is an emergency.The doctor hurriedly launched rescue measures for the baby, and after efforts the doctor finally brought the baby back from the jaws of death.Little Strong survived but the baby’s cry was very small, like a cat’s meow.In addition, the doctor found that in addition to a small body, the baby’s facial features were strange, with a small face, big eyes and a big nose, which looked like a monkey.Even Liu xinglian’s eldest daughter said, “Mama gave birth to a little monkey” when she saw her sister.Later Liu Xinglian and her husband took their little daughter to chongqing Children’s Hospital for examination, the doctor found that the baby was born without the Fontanelle, preliminary judgment suffered from “cerebral closure.”The news came like a bolt from the blue and the couple were at a loss.Liu xinglian burst into tears on the spot, and the whole family fell into extreme pain.Genetic experts at a Chinese medical university later examined liu’s daughter and found that she was suffering from a rare condition called Secker syndrome.”Seiker syndrome” is also called bird-head dwarfism syndrome and small head syndrome. The main characteristics of this patient are: severe short stature, small head, narrow nose bridge, small physique at birth, low intelligence, early cranial slit closure.Facial dysplasia, high and prominent nose, low or deformed ears, lack of earlobes.”Looking at the baby in her arms, Liu Xinglian was particularly self-reproach. She regretted that she had not gone to the hospital earlier to do a maternity examination, which had caused irreversible consequences today.But the child was innocent, and Liu was determined to take good care of her.Small family gradually accepted this fact in the hospital, husband and wife after a discussion to the little daughter took the name of “Small Beam”.Liang xiaoxiao is unlucky, but she is lucky compared with many children suffering from the same disease.Because many children with the same disease die shortly after birth due to heart problems, the little ones are lucky to survive.Soon three years passed and the little age was three years old.After the doctor’s examination, the small body is still healthy, but her height is only 54 centimeters, the doctor concluded that her height is difficult to develop again.Although Xiao does not speak and can only laugh or cry to express their emotions, the couple never thought of giving up on her.Instead, he took good care of her. Liu’s husband, Liang Zhongnan, also worked hard, hoping to earn more money to take care of xiao And treat her.The family decided to smile and face life.The circus wants to buy small, Liu Xinglian refused every time Liu Xinglian took small out of the total can attract a lot of people’s eyes, some people are kind, and some people are cynical about small appearance.Liu Xinglian will explain at first, more times she chose to suffer silently.In 2012, xiao was taken to hunan Children’s Hospital by the couple for treatment of a lung infection caused by a cold.A media reported the incident, and xiao came into the public eye.Xiao xiao’s strange appearance caught the attention of a circus owner who later called Liu and offered to pay a lot of money for her, calling her “little monkey”.Liu xinglian held little Liu Xinglian on the spot said “impossible”, and with the other side of the quarrel.After hanging up the phone, Liu xinglian burst into tears. Even though she was a mother of two, she was only 28 at the time.It was a humiliation no mother could possibly accept.As Little grew older, the couple began to worry about their little future.In fact, both husband and wife know very well that a small illness is difficult to be cured.But they never thought of giving up. They wanted to try even if there was a glimmer of hope.Every year, xiao xiao has to spend a lot of money on the doctor, and the couple’s economic pressure is getting bigger and bigger.They are still young and can earn money to help small doctors through hard work, but what about the old couple?Liu xinglian thought about it a lot.We are working hard to earn money to support our daughter, she told reporters. When we are old and pass away, our eldest daughter will continue to support her.In 2021, the couple opened an account on Douyin, where they occasionally livestream with Xiao.Liu has always been grateful for the help from netizens.Conclusion Poor all parents heart, let us wish this brave mother and small will be better and better.