Zhang Changning does not give CAI Bin face?As soon as the teacher took office, he announced the wedding date, which fans feared was similar to Zeng Chunlei

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On Valentine’s Day, Zhang Changning, the main force of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team, announced her wedding to her husband, Edison Wu, in June, which means the wedding day is not far away.Zhang Changning and Wu’s announcement of their wedding date is not surprising, as they had already obtained their marriage license in Tokyo, but the wedding has not yet been held. Taking advantage of the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games, coupled with Zhang Changning’s recovery from surgery, it is indeed the time to hold the wedding.Zhang even posted their wedding photos on social media, and it’s a match made in heaven.One is a basketball player, the other is a volleyball player. No matter their profession, age, or appearance, the two are a model sports couple.The wedding photos were magnificent, and Zhang Changning’s face was filled with happy times.But the timing of Zhang’s announcement has fans worried about her career.As an indispensable main player of The Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhang Changning, like Zhu Ting, is the object of the national team.In the international competitions, Zhang Changning has always been the model of The Chinese women’s volleyball team, and her ability to pass and attack is beyond doubt.But once married, it can easily affect an athlete’s career.Zeng Chunlei, for example, was pregnant when she pulled out of the national team training camp and had a chance to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, but failed to make the Olympic roster.Although Zhang Changning did not retire to have a baby, but this kind of thing is really not good, many fans hope Zhang Changning can stick to the Paris cycle, just become the veteran of the three dynasties.Recalling the Rio Olympic Games, Zhang Changning won the Olympic gold medal for the first time as a newlywed. Until the wedding date was announced, Zhang Changning gradually became a veteran player, and was worthy of the name of the veteran of the three dynasties.If Tokyo was the regret of the new golden generation, Paris will be the last chance to return to the top.And there is a problem, teacher CAI Bin just promoted to the coach of the national team, Zhang Changning announced the wedding date, and the first national team training on the 16th of this month, is not to give face to the teacher?The answer is definitely not.Zhang Changning and Wu’s wedding date is not a decision, the two families should have been discussed.Zhang Changning, as the captain of Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, has been training under CAI Bin since she returned to the indoor volleyball team.Anyway, I still wish Zhang Changning a happy marriage and hope she can finish the Paris cycle.After all, Paris cycle only more than two years of time, for Zhang Changning’s life will not affect too much.But for The Chinese women’s volleyball team, the Paris cycle will be the end of the new golden generation, after which many Olympic champions will retire from the national team, including Zhu Ting is also a veteran.Most of these Olympic champions can still make it to Paris, and Zhang Changning is a vital part of it.