Wang Wei, who is addicted to details, why focus on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics?

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On February 4, the spotlight turned on the Bird’s Nest stadium once again.As the first general director of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, Zhang Yimou once again demonstrated to the world the aesthetic, poetic and romantic aspects of Chinese culture. The beauty of nature, humanity, simplicity and technology was perfectly combined in this grand event.That night, an article titled “Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony” devil level details interpretation, in a number of articles around the Beijing Winter Olympics analysis and detailed explanation stand out.Within 30 hours of Posting, the article had been read more than 100,000 times.The author, wang Wei, the founder of Hankejunfeng Wine, has also been widely discussed on public platforms.With “shou product such as life measure soldier” and other articles, this article has also caused a heated discussion in the industry.Through this article, we not only see Wang Wei’s deeper understanding of craftsman spirit after he resigned as chairman of the board, but also see the secret behind the success of Hanke Wine industry.▲ Wang is the “24 solar terms opening, green grass shining pole, ice from the Ice Cube and out of the ice ring, 100 people pass the national flag, the world’s most pocket torch…”The beginning of the realistic camera makes readers feel as if they are in the scene to see the opening of the Winter Olympics.After that, Wang Wei introduced his views and thoughts on the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games through four short sentences — Chinese creativity, amazing;Eastern philosophy, confident expression;Chinese show like black technology;Art and technology of great magic.The article also mentioned many details, such as “Hebei village children, wearing a tiger hat, wearing a small cotton-padded jacket of willow youth painting style, singing authentic Greek…””I have seen performances in the Bird’s Nest, so I can see that the ‘floor screen’ is at least 10,000 square meters.Contrast ratio, no less than nikon’s highest sharpness CMOS, at least 505:1;Refresh rate, visual inspection is above 360Hz;Resolution, more than 400 million “.By enumerating and interpreting more than 20 choreographic details of the opening ceremony, Wang wei reveals the cultural stories behind the magnificent scenes.The personality-like sentences and illustrations in the article gave readers, even those who had not seen the video of the opening ceremony, a clear picture of the event.The vocabulary of high precision also reflects Wang Wei’s excellent ability to capture details.The accurate presentation of details effectively enhanced the sense of substitution and made the article more interesting and readable. Wang Wei’s keen observation and strong analytical and executive abilities contributed to this effect.This keen observation is not only the key to the popularity of articles, but also the core driving force of readers.Emotional resonance is the second reason why the article “Devil level” Detail Interpretation of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics can arouse readers’ empathy.From the content of the article, Wang wei’s text expression is very tense, especially the emotional rendering of the expression, measured hold just right.For the first time, the symbols of all participating countries were gathered into the opening ceremony’s core totem “big Snowflake”.For the first time, human beings give up the “raging fire” and express their environmental feelings with the “micro torch”.For the first time, humans use simplicity to honestly claim their sincerity and modesty…There are many “firsts” in the article. Through these “firsts”, Wang expresses his confidence and pride in Chinese culture and achieves emotional resonance with readers.The foundation of emotional resonance is truth. Wang watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics at 2 a.m., but he did not rest immediately. He wrote the story and finished it at 8 a.m.This shows wang wei’s strong executive ability as well as his sensibility.It is often said that a sensible person cannot become an entrepreneur, but It is precisely because wang Wei makes good use of his “sensibility” that hankejun Feng has achieved today.Because of his sensibility, Wang Wei has a unique understanding of liquor culture.In the experiential marketing of hankejun Festival, Hankejunfeng created 13 blind tasting methods, such as viewing the bouquet and hanging the cup, to establish the “national drinking health standard”, promote scientific liquor identification methods and spread correct and healthy liquor culture.By virtue of the characteristics of gamification, scenification, strong fun and strong cognition, the quality of gankejiang wine is skillfully visualized and experientialized, and the quality and taste of gankejiang wine are directly exposed to consumers, which increases the emotional identification of fans, improves the conversion rate of customers and increases the stickiness of consumers.It is under wang Wei’s emotional operation mode that hankejunfeng’s operation mode has become the research object of many soy wine enterprises.Wang Wei’s “paranoid” words have tension, strong sense of substitution and good at emotional rendering. In addition, the opening of the Winter Olympic Games is a hot event of national concern, which is the main reason for wang Wei’s article reading volume to quickly exceed 100,000 +, and become popular.However, behind the explosion of the article, we also see Wang Wei’s craftsman spirit.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games made people see Zhang Yimou’s craftsmanship for quality, while Wang Wei, who can quickly understand the connotation expressed and analyze it through more than 20 details, also has a persistent pursuit of quality.Since the establishment of Hanke Wine Industry, Wang Wei has been constantly innovating in the spirit of geek, pursuing classical technology and combining scientific and technological means to create products of extreme quality, especially with extremely strict requirements for product details.In Wang Wei’s opinion, only by seizing every detail, grinding quality and enduring the torture of time can a good wine be made.Sauce wine due to the particularity of the category, the brewing process is complex and meticulous, and hydrological environment, soil, climate, environment, temperature, species and other closely related to the natural environment, is also for this reason, is the cycle for a year, two xiasha feeding eight, nine steam nine boil, add song, “12987” technology of seven times another bottle of wine.However, when you really enter the workshop, you will find that the so-called “12987” is just a basic process, with more than 30 links, 165 details and 1001 quality touch points. Any misalignment in any link may lead to a great difference in quality.Moreover, the production process of soy wine is dominated by human labor. Every sample of sorghum needs to be turned and dried by the brewing master for many times.At the end of 2021, when soy wine was on the rise as a whole and soy wine enterprises were increasing their marketing efforts, Wang Wei turned around and resigned from the board of directors and started to make wine.”I want to make high-quality soy wine and turn the new pleasure of drunkards into the responsibility of drinkers.”After resigning as chairman of Hanke, Wang devoted himself to the research of base wine brewing, took root in the workshop and explored the deeper expression of wine culture from the production line.”I am a hard-boiled, hard-bitten person. Perseverance is one of the qualities I am most proud of, while anti-construction and wear resistance are also my characteristics.”Wang Wei often said that he was a clumsy person, but this kind of clumsiness now seems to be his craftsman spirit, which is harder to find than ordinary people.