Toilet hole “bite” girl’s foot fire rescue in time

2022-05-12 0 By

Not long ago, longcheng Fire Station in Longmen County received a report that a girl’s foot was stuck in a toilet urinal in xinghui Home, Longmen County, and requested rescue.When fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found a girl squatting next to the toilet with her left foot stuck in the hole below the ankle and crying due to pain and shock.The parents called “119” for help after they failed to rescue him.Zheng Jianzong, squad leader of Longmen Station of Huizhou Fire rescue Detachment, said: the child slipped in the bath and accidentally fell down, resulting in his foot stuck in the toilet pipe. After the family’s rescue for half an hour was invalid, the child’s ankle appeared redness, pain and anxiety due to the family’s repeated pulling.In view of the situation at the scene, in order to prevent the tile fragments from scratching the boy, the fire rescue personnel found towels wrapped around the girl’s legs and feet, and used manual dismantling tools to break the outside of the urinal bit by bit. Then, the ceramic pipes around the urinal were broken and cleaned, so that the hole was expanded.After more than 10 minutes of intense rescue, the girl finally pulled out safely from the toilet hole.Fire department to remind the public, similar to the toilet hole card feet, card hand accidents occur, it is recommended to use anti-skid pad, anti-skid floor, to prevent the occurrence of the card event.Encounter similar situations, do not pull hard, available lubricant to help children take out the foot.If the feet are still unable to be removed and swollen, seek help from the fire department in time.