Third Reich Protectorate: heavy version FW 190, too late!

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The Reich, the Third Reich, had the most powerful army in Europe, but the Germans were never perfect when it came to siege fire.The germans have 3 assault cannon and 4 tanks as firepower aid, but the germans can only breakthrough for fixed defenses, German artillery although severe, such as gustav ju pao, but the German siege weapons but insufficient, this in itself is not what of, is the modern industrial city of stalingrad or let the germans suffered hardships.In Stalingrad, the German army is not enough to attack the city, which fell into the vicious circle of street fighting, the Pavlov building, why can hold in the German attack for 38 days?In the final analysis, the Insufficient firepower of the German siege, although the German dispatched thousands of aircraft, more than two thousand artillery, but because of the amount of airborne ammunition and artillery caliber, the insufficient firepower of the German siege to get the problem, or exposed.If Paulus had been able to raze Stalingrad, with what would the Soviets have fought street battles?Modern urban street fighting is the most difficult, so many scholars have suggested that if you want to fight urban street fighting, it is better to put in heavy troops at the beginning, first razed the city.That’s the best way to reduce casualties in street fighting.It is also after the Battle of Stalingrad that the German army summarizes the essentials of street fighting.The German army lacked medium or even heavy transport aircraft, so it had to develop a new ground attack version of the FW 190 based on the fw 190.But it was not until late 1944 that the aircraft appeared.Nothing could change the fate of the German army.The aircraft, code-named Fw 190 A-8, is the most produced variant of the aircraft.The Fw 190 A-8, with its enhanced outer armour and improved gun caliber to 30 mm, became the main aircraft of the Allied bomber wing of the Luftwaffe, the German air force’s last battle against the beast.What do you think?