Selling such things!A grocery store in Xiamen was fined 7,300 yuan

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In addition to stationery, there are often several small stores around the school that sell snacks and toys that students like. On the eve of the new semester, siming District Market Supervision Bureau organized law enforcement officers to carry out special inspection on stationery stores, food stores and supermarkets around the campus.Law enforcement officers found campuses have shops still sell the harmful substances such “chip” business is not allowed to initiate an investigation before the Amoy area lotus market regulatory jurisdiction, law enforcement personnel in a company called “with grocer’s shop for inspection, found the store shelves with 68 packets of betel nut for sale, their behavior violated the rules.Law enforcement officers on the spot ordered the sellers to stop selling, registered a case for investigation and fined the parties 7,300 yuan for their illegal behavior.It is reported that as of February 15, lotus market supervision has been on the area of the relevant illegal behavior of the operator ordered rectification notice 2, off the shelf “three no” food more than 10 pieces.In addition to the campus surrounding jimei district market, the recent regulatory authority organization of law enforcement power to carry out the betel nut products special actions to crack down illegal production and sales of betel nut and 8 cases of irregular file total sales so far in jimei district almond shaped betel nut case jurisdiction by market regulation, law enforcement personnel in a store, convenience store, shang chao deng is important, to take the form of combination of online and offline,Investigate the production and sale of areca nut products in the market.During the inspection process, law enforcement officers found that some businesses against the wind crime, placed on the shelves “and into the world to eat betel nut” “Xiangtan shop Wolfberry betel nut” “taste wang exquisite betel nut” and other betel nut products for sale, law enforcement officers ordered businesses to remove the shelf destruction, and the investigation.According to statistics, since the launch of the special inspection campaign, jimei District market supervision bureau registered a total of 8 cases of illegal sales of areca, ordered the destruction of areca 235 packages.According to jimei district market supervision bureau, because areca contains a large number of areca, alkaloid, with cytotoxicity.Chewing areca is very stimulating to the mouth, and areca fiber will also destroy the oral mucosa.Moreover, chewing areca, easy to addiction, long-term chewing gum inflammation, and even induce oral cancer.According to the Regulations of Xiamen Forbidding the Production, sale and consumption of areca nut, no unit or individual shall produce, sell or eat areca nut within the jurisdiction of Xiamen (except areca nut distributed in medical treatment units, pharmacies and other units as medicine and consumed by patients);Anyone who violates these provisions by producing or selling areca nuts in this city shall be ordered to stop the illegal act by the relevant law enforcement department, and a fine of not less than 1,000 yuan but not more than 10,000 yuan shall be imposed.Some people may wonder why we should ban the sale of betel nut chenchen this is to teach you the dangers of chewing betel nut for a long time what are the disadvantages of chewing betel nut?1 Physical injury When chewing areca, the friction of areca fiber will cause local trauma and mucosal injury of oral cavity.Long-term chewing of areca nut will lead to prolonged injury, the formation of local chronic injury, resulting in chronic inflammation, enhanced oxidation and cell proliferation.The study showed that the frequency of cell shedding of oral mucosa increased significantly in betel nut chewers.2 Biological toxicity areca nut contains a large number of polyphenols and a variety of alkaloids, among which arecoline is the most important component, about 1% of the net weight of dried areca nut.Arecoline can significantly promote apoptosis of epithelial cells, and interfere with the precipitation and degradation of extracellular matrix macromolecules (collagen, elastin, etc.).In addition, lao-hua and lime chewed with areca nut also had certain genotoxicity.Basically be because of the subnitrosamine that contains among them, clove sex polyphenol, active oxidant common action be caused by.Chewing areca nut alone can significantly promote oral cancer, and areca nut lovers who smoke at the same time have a higher incidence of oral cancer.Smoking itself is a separate risk factor for oral cancer.Studies have shown that chewing areca nut containing tobacco will significantly increase the toxicity in saliva, which has a significant damage to DNA synthesis and other processes.In addition to the risk of oral cancer, there are other effects of betel nut chewing.Chewing betel nut for a long time can wear teeth seriously.On periodontal bad areca juice mixed with lime, easy to form calculus, not only affect the appearance, but also affect periodontal health.Bad for oral mucosa may cause mucosal lesions, or evolve into oral cancer.Long-term mastication will increase the weight bearing of the TEMPORomandibular joint, resulting in joint popping, pain and other symptoms, and in serious cases, joint disc perforation.Effects on digestive system Part of areca nut can damage the taste nerve and saliva secretion, affecting digestive function.In a word, betelnut can’t be bought!More can’t sell!Source: Xiamen Daily Comprehensive Chinese Consumer newspaper, Food security Xiamen Daily reporter: Chen Ni Correspondent: Ye Shengming Lin Lili editor: Yang Xin Review: Yang Jiayin Haixi Morning Post original works, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, rights reserved