Lonely!Chinese Super League wants to sign west B striker, 24, who earns 50,000 yuan a month and only scored 2 goals in 60 games

2022-05-12 0 By

After the Chinese super league is very hot, especially such as Evergrande, the national security, harbor, taishan club are willing to crazy screw silver introduction, such as pelle, teixeira, hulk, Oscar some stars came to China football, and they also enjoy the top salary treatment in the Chinese super league, as ravitch huaxia happiness salary at euro 15 million, that number is over 100 million yuan.But by 2021, the CSL is far from being as big as it used to be, with pele, Barkambu and other owners all gone, leaving only a handful of big names.Now there is news that a Chinese super league team wants to sign a West B striker with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan, which is a lonely feeling inside and out.Spanish league two striker sergio bermejo, 24, has received an offer from the Chinese super league, according to elperiodicodearagon.The media did not specify which club, but they concluded that the team was cheap.Bermejo is understood to be a cheaper striker with a value of 700,000 euros and a salary of 80,000 euros.At the latest exchange rate, 80,000 euros is about 600,000 yuan, or about 50,000 a month.This figure compares with the salary of the big man such as the front ravitch, Pailai simply not enough.According to the edited profile, Bermejo is 24 years old, 1.70 metres and plays for Real Zaragoza.Zaragoza are seventh from bottom with 23 points after 24 rounds of serie B, having scored only 17 goals.It can be seen that the team’s offensive efficiency is very low, scoring fewer goals than the bottom team.What’s more, bermejo has scored just one goal in 23 appearances this season.In addition, he moved to Zaragoza in 2020, but only had two goals and five assists in 60 games.From this point of view, the boss’s offensive ability is really not outstanding.Editor As we all know, the gap between La Liga and La B is not the slightest bit.At present, girona’s stuyani is the top scorer with 15 goals, but his price is only 1.5 million euros, and he is unlikely to score more than double figures in La Liga.Comparatively speaking, if Bermeho arrived in super also did not see can have amazing performance.In addition, he is only 1.7m, the speed is too fast, body, speed, scoring ability are not great, these are difficult to let people see hope.The introduction of west B level players in the Chinese Super League also shows that the team began to go low with a money-saving route.According to editorial “elperiodicodearagon”, zaragoza and the Chinese super league have agreed a deal that will see bermejo loaned to the club until December 2022, at a salary of well over 50,000 yuan a month.Bermejo also said he had received offers from other teams in The Spanish Second league, but decided to play in China because of the higher salaries in the Chinese Super League.According to this information, the Chinese Super League is far away from the “golden era”, and the west B striker’s salary is lower than that of the Chinese Super League, but it is hard to predict whether he will have a good performance.