Dell: Courtney has given me confidence and I am enjoying the role I am playing in the central three at the moment

2022-05-12 0 By

Tottenham defender Dyer talks about what it’s like to play under coach Antonio Conte and his current role in the club.Dyer said: “Since I arrived at Tottenham I have been trying to hone my skills and leadership on the pitch is one of those things. I am now leading and driving the defence more and more.”I really enjoy playing under Conte, he gives me confidence, I enjoy the position of three at centre-back and I am happy with the way the game is going.”To be in a position where you need to lead the line as much as you can, to drive the team, but also to express yourself as much as you can, to be effective defensively, I’m doing the best I can.””It was a good win for us, Manchester City are a good team, probably the best team in the world at the moment.It was very important for us to go to City’s ground and win and hopefully this result will keep us motivated.”But only if we look at this win in the right way is it important.If we can realize that we’re playing with that intensity, that we’re playing with each other, that we trust each other, we can really move forward.We can’t get carried away with a win like that, it’s about recognising what we need to do as a team, playing at our level and getting a result.””We have to be humble about this result and realise that as a team we can be really good.”(Thomas)