10 youth campus love dramas worth brushing over and over again, sweet, cruel and with sense, how many have you followed?

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1, “Together with the window” story is very funny dense, the university life in the play is very real and not suspended, the actors’ acting is natural and smooth, everyone is pretty special, everyone’s advantages and disadvantages are fair and square shot out, the characters are full.There’s a real texture to it, and it’s smooth and comfortable to watch, and all the details of the show make me feel.I think this is the best movie ever made.The casting, the pace of the play, and even the addition of Lu Xinghe were all successes.Sweet campus ignorant love does make people want to return to junior high school impulse.Liu Haoran is really the kind of school grass people, the benchmark of the first love, there are stars of love is also every girl will look forward to imagination, casting is very fierce, the whole drama in addition to the ending, are full of real youth and moved.3. The TV series Hello Old Times begins in high school, and the more than ten years before that are interwoven in the form of memories. The story is adapted more compact, while maintaining the integrity of the structure as much as possible.The male and female host set is very good, Zhang Xincheng young feeling full, she is also very student gas, all the supporting roles are not tools, there are bright spots, youth sweet drama only sigh their youth as if nothing left.I don’t Want to Be Friends with You. Many of the details are experienced, so it’s easy to plug in.Supporting teachers, parents, played very well, everyone acting online, friendship, affection, love line are very can, as a youth drama is still normal people, it is already very ok.The story is a bit rough, but the overall feel is good.”Wind dog boy sky” with the configuration of the film shot a play, enough sincerity, enough sincerity.The acting is great and the emotion is genuine.Whether it is life and death or love and hate, are close to life, laugh and tears, Ma Tian is really a good man in the world, jiao Jiao there also fully realize the school, family and social attitude to a person.Friendship line, love line are very good, vivid description of some ignorant feelings in the campus, very real.6. The part of the school play I Will Wait for you in the Future is warm and resonant, although it is a little old-fashioned.Five small friendship is so enviable, the plot even turn, no redundant events.The actors acted well and came out even better.The plot may not be perfect, but the sincerity of the cast and crew is touching.The score is perfect, and many of the plots are close to life. As someone who lived through that era, it feels like 1998.7. In Suddenly Summer, the leading actor’s acting is natural enough to make people feel as if it is a real story. His emotions are completely driven by them, accompanying them to cry and laugh.The story of the university part is very real and has a sense of substitution. It made me cry when I broke up, so helpless and humble.I like it even when I watch it.8. So Lovely Us is such a lighthearted show that basically kills every episode.She is very lovely, men are very milk.Acting OK, the story is not awkward, logic is consistent, all acting online, sometimes do feel some exaggerated performance, but can go on.The story is honest, resonant and moving.Overall good, is an excellent treasure youth play.9, “people don’t tough waste young” feel the show gave me a kind of the sense of The Times, is a new actor, but also won’t embarrassed, looks very natural, I also like characters, but in front of the heroine sometimes seem to be unreasonable, prepare portrayal of the college entrance examination is not much, appear very easily, then she admitted to a good university can appear some suspension,However, the portrayal of sincere friendship and young love is good, and the narration is very careful.10, “To our simple little beautiful” as a campus idol network drama, the completion is pretty good, sweet and warm adorable, there is not a joke dog blood, and life is almost the same, very sweet, although there is no very prominent place, but it looks very comfortable, both men and women are new, very youthful.Very healing love story, like the story from the campus to the wedding dress, although there is separation, but fortunately the last or you.10 youth campus love dramas worth brushing over and over again, sweet, cruel and with sense, how many have you followed?