Provincial public security traffic police departments prompt mountain northwest central will appear snow weather

2022-05-11 0 By

The reporter learned from the provincial Public Security Bureau today that under the combined influence of cold and warm air, snow will fall in the north and central part of Shanxi Province from February 12 to 14, with accumulated precipitation of 1-12 mm and accumulated snow depth of 1-10 cm.Snow will cause snow and ice on roads, affecting the Spring Festival travel rush, public travel and transportation.On February 11, the provincial Public Security Bureau issued information to inform drivers that they should know about weather changes in advance, plan driving routes scientifically and avoid roads affected by snow as far as possible.Snow road slippery, driving to wear safety belt, do not overspeed, do not fatigue driving, keep distance, drive carefully.In case of rain, snow, accidents caused by the vehicle queue slow-moving situation, to obey the traffic police on the spot command, in order to pass.In case of poor visual range caused by strong rain or snow, turn on fog lights, close lights and front and rear position lights to reduce the speed and drive into the service area nearby to wait for weather improvement if necessary.(reporter Zhang Rong) [editor: Che Shaohua] Yellow River News network Yellow River news network Luliang channel Shanxi Provincial party committee social situation public opinion channel