Zhang Yimou revealed the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics without stars, athletes are protagonists, double Olympic elements or bright points

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Preparations are underway for the closing ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held at the Bird’s Nest stadium tomorrow night.Like the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony is still the general director zhang Yimou, the style is still simple and Romantic Chinese style, and the opening ceremony.As we all know, Zhang Yimou boldly ditched the excitement and pageantry of the traditional evening party for a simple, technological and romantic opening ceremony.”24 solar terms countdown”, “the five rings break the ice”, “a pigeon can not be less”, “big snowflakes”, “small torch”…These beautiful and meaningful designs not only contain elements of traditional Chinese culture, but also express the theme of peace and unity.After watching the opening ceremony, many people admired Zhang Yimou, saying that he was worthy of the title of “national teacher” for his innovative ability at the age of 70, showing China’s confidence, strength and romance.Zhang Yimou’s success in directing the opening ceremony has heightened expectations for his upcoming closing ceremony.According to director Zhang Yimou, the closing ceremony still has no stars, and the cast is almost all from universities, primary and secondary schools. The whole process is mainly athletes, and the closing ceremony is like holding a celebration party for athletes.Not long ago, The Times youth group members Ding Chengxin and Zhang Zhenyuan, in the video with teammates revealed that they will participate in the closing ceremony, teammates asked whether two people have a camera, two people laughed that it is difficult to say, but “there must be a panorama.”This also supports the theory that Zhang Yimou did not specifically invite celebrities to the closing ceremony. Ding Chengxin and Zhang Zhenyuan were able to attend the closing ceremony not because of their celebrity status, but because of their student status.However, to participate in the Closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, for the two acting career, is also a kind of bonus.In addition to the absence of stars, athletes will be the main body. In terms of aesthetics, the closing ceremony will adopt “Chinese red” and “ice and snow blue” as the main colors, integrating traditional cultural elements such as red lanterns and Chinese knots into the venue and performance.According to Sha Xiaolan, director of the closing ceremony, the creative team has arranged nearly 20,000 lanterns above the auditorium, which will take part in an interactive performance, creating a clash of “red passion” and “blue romance.”Since ancient times, red and blue have been known as CP, the closing ceremony will match these two classic colors together, it is really looking forward to what kind of amazing effect will be presented.In addition, as the host city of the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2022 Winter Olympics, the “double Olympics” concept will also be one of the biggest attractions of the closing ceremony.The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is an unforgettable moment in China’s history. The star-studded “Beijing Welcomes You”, the stunning opening ceremony and the hard work of the Chinese athletes have all left a deep imprint in the memory of many Chinese people.Now, after 14 years, Beijing will host the Olympic Games again, and the closing ceremony will present the concept of “double Olympics”.”When the flame is finally extinguished, there will be a physical re-creation of a moment from the 2008 Olympics,” zhang said. “It will be like going back in time, giving us a sense of ‘time travel’.”We can’t wait to see the two historic moments intersect as the 2008 Olympics relive the 2022 Winter Olympics.In addition, because the second day of the closing ceremony, athletes from various countries will start to go home, the closing ceremony will show the feelings of reluctant to part, the Warmth and romance of Chinese style to the world.So far, the closing ceremony has completed three full rehearsals, let’s look forward to the official opening of the closing ceremony tomorrow night.