Wang Xiaochen took a photo with “gentlemen” zhang Han Du Chun is in good condition

2022-05-10 0 By

In the early morning of February 26, Wang posted a picture of him partying with four male stars on social media with the caption: “See you Gentlemen again…”In the photo, Wang Xiaochen red lips sweet standing in front of everyone, Du Chun and Zhang Han together out of the mirror, the state looks good, Zhang Han embrace the side of the brother, and to the camera than scissor hands, handsome facial features still with the total temperament.Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Han et al cooperation of the new drama “East 8 District gentlemen” has been finished, will soon meet the audience.In the play, Zhang Han, Du Chun and others will play the good brothers of the university dormitory, who go to the social entrepreneurship from the student days together, facing the multiple troubles on the career and emotion, and Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Han have a lot of emotional drama.