The movie “Chojin Lake Watergate Bridge”, before watching the movie brush some reviews, both positive and negative

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I read some reviews before watching the movie, and they were mixed. The bad reviews mainly focused on the dense music, the patchwork narrative, the deliberate lighting, the portrayal of the American troops as too stupid, etc. I actually felt that the critics were too harsh.Our war of resistance to the United States and Aid to Korea is long overdue for such a phenomenological blockbuster to be performed. It takes into account all aspects as much as possible, and all of them do a good level, which is totally worth five stars!Therefore, it is no surprise that the box office of New Year film is the first.Watergate Bridge continued the Jangjin-ho Battle, and after the completion of sinheung-ri and Hagaru-ri, vii connected to the new mission: to blow up the Watergate Bridge and cut off the American escape route to Hungnam Port.The movie plot is wonderful, the screen is shocking, the characters are vivid, some people say “this is the anti-American god drama”?God drama is not so real, so “awkward”, so painful, and so exciting.The movie’s tears are also a lot, Duan Yihong as three battalion commander Talk son, Zhu Yawen as seven even instructor Mei Sheng, Han Dongjun as seven even sniper Flat river, Wu Jing as seven repeatedly long Wu Qianli, Li Chen as seven even yu Congrong…Our army is all a soldier on behalf of a team to fight, “iron will” against “steel country”, the end of the tragic, the whole big cry!Everyone in order to complete the tasks depending on the die to fry bridge, the fearlessly calmly to die too deeply, even though “three Fried gate bridge” in the U.S. under a steady stream of supply still failed to succeed, in to see us with airlift heavy steel Bridges, I even blurt out “two even hit a man, the americans still ran, this bridge to fry a lonely ah”,But it soon became clear that the battle had to be fought and the bridge had to be blown up.Lag behind will be beaten ah!At that time, China’s equipment was not as good as other people’s tanks, planes and cannons, nor could its goods be as good as other people’s canned wine and bread, the weather was 30 or 40 degrees below zero, and the clothes were still torn…But as Duan Yihong said, there is no frozen hero, there is no hero, defending the country is the belief of the soldiers, but also the glory of the soldiers.After talking about the son was bombed bridge collapse fly stone hit chest still adhere to the detection deployment, until the arrival of seven reinforcements just rest assured when dead;When the scouts of the ninth Company were crushed in front of the tanks with their charge packs;In order to blow the bridge in the ping River holding the charge, rushed to the tank under the track rolled;In yu Congrong holding the radio climbed to the top of the mountain to see the enemy aircraft attack, in order to cover his comrades deliberately fired a gun to attract fire was burned to death;Sitting on a tank with no ammunition, Maison rushed from the top of a mountain to the battle site of the U.S. army with a picture of his daughter in his mouth…Red eyes again and again.Until Yi Yangqianxi’s Wu Wanli said, “The seventh interspersed with 157 people, actually to 1 person,” I was broken, burst into tears, surrounded by a SOB.Some people may say that this is a fake movie to highlight the mainstream, but the people who died on the battlefield are real, and the remains of martyrs who stayed in foreign countries for decades are also real. History will record everything.There were no Easter eggs at the end of the movie. It was not until we left the cinema and saw the mall still brightly lit that we suddenly realized: Ah, it is because they have fought all the wars that we should fight that we can be born in a peaceful and prosperous new China that lasts forever in the sky. This is the biggest Easter egg for us