My filial piety year | grandma tao ear?

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“Can you come back two days earlier?”On New Year’s Eve, I called my grandparents and they asked me when I would be home for the Spring Festival.”Not easy to say, see the situation, for two days earlier back.”I don’t know.In fact, THERE is a “no” in my mind, the more recent years will be more entangled: in the past years, grandma to my ears, has become a rite of my New Year’s day.But this year there is a change: from the campus formally set foot on the job, became the “adult” in the mouth of my grandparents, and I also have this subtle feeling, and then let grandma to dig my ears, is not a little too embarrassed.Would this be the end of the ceremony? I had been thinking about it until a few years ago.I returned home on the evening of the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, I went to my grandparents’ house.”Grandma, give me your ears.”In the yard, grandma is cleaning up her “tattered treasures.””You’re 100 years old and you want me to pick your ears.”Grandma’s mouth seems to be complaining, but actually she has already put down her work.”200 (years old) is also your grandson, I do not want to pay, so you keep it.”I acted like a bully to grandma.”Go up to the house and fetch the fire from the box, and a chair.”Matches called “foreign fire” is grandma’s habit, with matches out of my ears is my habit.I know exactly where the matches are.When I was a child living with my grandparents, she would go out to work under the box to earn money. At the end of the day, sometimes 20 yuan, sometimes 15 yuan.”Can’t you hear again?”Grandma grabbed my ear and put the match into my ear hole.Her hands are lighter now, perhaps because the matchsticks are longer, and she is gentler.I can’t remember from what year, grandma gave me ears when I can only sit, she stood, I can not enjoy lying in the arms of the service.She said I was so tall that she couldn’t see anything sitting down.”Why are your ears so clean this time?”Grandma’s words I did not predict, her classic sayings clearly is: “Complaints can not hear clearly, you look at this ear eyes plug, can hear strange.”Grandma used to pull out of the “earwax” on my pants, but also told me: “This will eat mute.”However, the action did not change, this I have not heard for many years, I do not know whether she thinks I sensible.Like rice, like beans, like peanuts…The farmer does the simile sentence, cannot leave the agricultural product.Sometimes I wonder how a small ear hole can be so “dirty”.But from small to big, I always look forward to every time dig out ear can have bigger “harvest”, somehow, unexpectedly feel so very fierce.Grandma’s gnarled right index finger twirled in my ear, marking the end of the ritual.Crisp, spicy, the kind of accelerated metabolism of reality, lingering aftertaste.”Use your fingers. I’m all thumbs.”It turned out that many of grandma’s fingers have been bent inconvenience, especially a few days ago when the chicken accidentally cut the right index finger a cut.When the “ceremony” was over, I felt relieved: why had I finally decided to let Grandma pick her ears?It was because I put myself in my grandmother’s shoes and immediately had a choice: for my grandmother, her grandson’s needs for her were her greatest satisfaction, and the more I grew up, the stronger her feelings would become.Is there anything in the world that would make an old man happier than his beloved grandson’s ear?No matter how impatient she pretended to be.During the process, I recorded a video on my phone.In the picture, my frown and grandma’s focused eyes form a kind of “contrast cute”, which is the most precious memory left by me this year.