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On March 17, shandong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) issued a recruitment notice for Shandong Talent Development Group Taishan Senior Manager Training Institute Co., LTD.The full text is as follows: shandong taishan, senior manager of talent development group research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “academic school of the company”) by shandong talent development group co., LTD., taian municipal party committee, municipal government and taishan district party committee, the district government building, is focused on enterprise senior management personnel training service marketization, specialization education platform.Training institute company practice “elite cultivation management, achievement enterprise leader” mission, uphold the “sincere, hony, md, innovation” concept, adhere to the combination of international and domestic, in the province and the provincial foreign minister combination, combining theory with practice, the principle of combining online and offline, based on high level, high quality, high value, the pursuit of high level,To build a first-class international, market-oriented and professional training and education base with a global vision.This time we plan to recruit 5 people, including 4 for project docking post and 1 for teaching and educational administration post.1. Good ideological and political quality, law-abiding, loyal to enterprise, honest and trustworthy.2. Be in good health and have the physical condition to perform the job responsibilities normally.3. The applicant must be under the age of 35 (age calculation ends on February 28, 2022).4. Bachelor degree or above, have the relevant professional learning background required by the position, meet the professional requirements of the position, master degree or above is preferred.5. Working years required by the position (working years shall be calculated until February 28, 2022).6. Solid work, strong professional quality and ability, strong pioneering and innovative spirit and communication and coordination ability.7. No criminal record, no major trust-breaking record.8. If the conditions are particularly unusual, the requirements may be relaxed.Recruitment procedures recruitment procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the following procedures :(I) registration of this recruitment is for long-term recruitment, until the recruitment is full.Registration website: https://zhaopin.sd-talent.cn/recruit#/search?job_class=social Note that you need to submit the following information on the website:1. The Online Verification Report of The Ministry of Education (available at https://www.chsi.com.cn/);Overseas students need a scanned copy of the Certificate of Foreign Academic Degree issued by the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education.2. Scanned copies of id card, diploma and degree certificate, Professional and technical Qualification certificate, Occupation (executive) qualification certificate, achievement certificate, award certificate, employment certificate and other relevant documents;3. One recent id photo with a small 2 “blue gradient background and one recent 5” life photo (electronic version).(2) Qualification Examination and preliminary screening The application materials submitted by applicants shall be subject to qualification examination and preliminary screening according to the post qualification conditions.Those who meet the job requirements and pass the preliminary screening will be notified by phone, SMS or email. Those who fail will not be notified separately.(III) The assessment will be conducted by interview, and the time will be notified separately.The original certification materials must be brought to participate in the evaluation.(4) Background investigation According to the assessment results, determine the name list of persons to be included in the scope of background investigation, and organize background investigation.If the applicant does not agree, it is considered to give up automatically.Physical examination is generally carried out in the designated hospital. Those who fail or give up the physical examination will not be employed.(6) Recruitment Candidates will be selected on the basis of their comprehensive performance, background investigation and physical examination.1. This time, the recruitment personnel will be arranged to work in the corresponding positions of the research and Training Institute based on the comprehensive consideration of personal reality and enterprise development.At the same time, according to the employment position, personal experience and other conditions, comprehensive research to determine the salary, the implementation of the “basic salary + monthly performance + project commission” compensation method.2. The recruitment will be subject to a probation period of 3 months.Those who have passed the assessment at the expiry of the period shall be granted formal status.1. Each applicant is limited to one position.Under any of the following circumstances, the applicant shall not apply for the examination: the person who has been punished or the person who has been dismissed from public office;Those who are under audit or disciplinary examination or are suspected of committing crimes or whose judicial procedures have not yet been concluded;Those who have formed a withdrawal relationship after the examination;Personnel under other circumstances that are prohibited by laws and regulations.2. Qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment.Applicants should provide true and effective relevant information and materials, any fraud, once verified, will be cancelled for employment or qualification.3. The Research and Training Institute company has the right to adjust, cancel or terminate the recruitment of individual positions according to the change of job demand and registration status and other factors, and has the right of final interpretation of this recruitment.4. All application materials will not be returned and we promise to keep confidential.5. There is no charge for this recruitment, and no organization is authorized to conduct training. Please be vigilant and beware of being cheated.6. Contact person: Mr. Li, 0538-8788966