Implement the “five reports”!Road Maintenance Center in Source and Hui District builds embankments for prevention and control

2022-05-10 0 By

Rural henan daily reporter Wu tree big correspondent wen-jia Yang in order to further implement the provincial, city about a new round of new epidemic prevention and control and other relevant requirements of the February, strengthen conscientiously the work of epidemic prevention control and March 25th morning, luohe city source area highway maintenance center epidemic prevention and control work conference, epidemic prevention and control work to emphasize again, arrangement and deployment.The meeting called on all departments and units to resolutely implement the requirements of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal government on epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to promote the implementation of epidemic prevention and control.First, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control system and personnel access control, and implement the five-pronged report.Second, we need to ensure prevention and control within the industry.The epidemic prevention and control work in administrative buildings should be strictly carried out, and the work of ventilation, sanitation and disinfection in public areas such as office corridors, restrooms and staff restaurants should be well done.Third, we need to raise awareness of protection.We should wear masks, sterilize frequently, wash hands more and gather less. We should establish a collaborative prevention and control mechanism between work units and families, implement all regular epidemic prevention and control measures in detail, and build a solid barrier to ensure the health and safety of officials and staff.Fourth, we should vigorously publicize scientific knowledge of epidemic prevention.Xi called for continuous and effective efforts to strengthen publicity and guidance of public opinion on epidemic prevention and control, and effectively enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention and control and self-protection capacity of officials and staff.Editor: Ma Huixia