2900 km bidao you and I care!Guangdong Bidao Civilization Convention issued

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The Guangdong Provincial River Governor’s Office recently issued a Convention on Civilized Public behavior in Guangdong province, calling on all citizens to protect the health of rivers and lakes and maintain a clean, clean, safe and orderly environment in Guangdong Province.High quality construction Wan Libi way is to make a major decision deployment, provincial party committee and government, the garden has built more than 2900 kilometers in whole province at present, a batch of garden road become like a good place for amusement to people, clear green water ecological benefit and economic benefit of water bank linkage development began to emerge, garden road, is becoming more and more become the focus of attention of the masses to travel.Shenzhen Maozhou River Bidao Yuejiang Road Bidao Provincial River governor office said that with the increase of tourist flow in Bidao, the management and protection work of Bidao after construction is facing new pressure and challenges, and the protection of bidao environment needs the joint protection of all citizens.The Convention on Civilization calls for the protection of river and lake ecology.Do not destroy the river embankment, not within the scope of river and lake management, disorderly mining, disorderly occupation, disorderly heap, disorderly construction, not reclamation land and river embankment vegetables.Do not throw garbage or discharge sewage into rivers and lakes, do not release wild animals without authorization, and do not illegally fish or catch wild animals.Take good care of environmental hygiene.Do not spit and throw gum, do not litter, do not smoke in non-smoking places, do not violate the rules of barbecues and picnic, do not set off fireworks within the management scope of rivers and lakes.Cherish public property.Do not trample the grass, do not break flowers and trees and pick fruits, do not destroy or damage cultural relics, historical buildings and public facilities, pay attention to water conservation.Observe public order.No noise, no obstruction to the passage of others.Do not drive a motor vehicle in a slow traffic system. Yield to pedestrians when riding a bicycle.Not disorderly parking, not illegal road stall business, consciously obey the management.Pay attention to personal safety.Do not swim in restricted areas, do not chase in dangerous areas of rivers and lakes.In the event of an emergency, under the premise of ensuring their own safety, they can do their best to help those in need.Province river long also required level listed in river around the long run, the basin long river, combining GongShiPai Wan Libi road marking system Settings, long river system, all kinds of public welfare activities, such as channels, extensive publicity convention spirit, lead the people to actively support and participate in Wan Libi road construction management, build in love to protect the mass base of the river.Article/photo/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter: Du Juan Correspondent yue Heqing Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Peng Wenqiang