Tang Yan hosted the Spring Festival Gala of Dragon TV, which was questioned by famous directors and had a polarized reputation

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On Feb 1, 2022, 85-flower actress Tang Yan appeared at the Gala hosted by Dragon TV.Although Tang Yan on the stage is not trained, not as professional host as typhoon.However, Tang Yan was calm and fluent, articulating clearly, and did not make any slip of the tongue during the whole Gala. Her expression and speed of speech were well controlled, and she performed very well on the whole.As the crown of co-hosting the Spring Festival Gala with Tang Yan, she posted a photo of the two of them backstage on social media and lavishly praised Tang Yan.In the lines of The crown, it was revealed that she was very happy to cooperate with Tang Yan. She praised Tang Yan for her talent as host, professionalism, affinity and elegant image, which was well liked by the public.For the host and actor, I am very glad that Tang Yan chose to be an actress, otherwise she would have no food to eat.In the photo, the two girls lean on each other closely. Tang is sweet and tender.Fair skin, bright smile, the so-called beautiful than flowers, but also so.Wang’s comments on Tang are very high. A professional dragon TV host commented that an amateur actress has good hosting skills.Crown’s comment illustrates two things: one.Tang yan has great talent and great potential.Ii. Dragon TV host industry pulling crotch.Putting Tang so high, how can Tiang’s years of hosting experience be inferior to that of a crossover actress?Famous director Xuan Jiangnan is published dynamic, questioned Tang Yan’s hosting ability qualification: is there no host?Does Tang Yan have a host witness?No, I thought they weren’t allowed to host?More netizens support Tang Yan, a guest host does not need to host witness.Tang Yan as an actress, in recent years, the reputation of the rapid decline, attended the event many times wearing fake goods, but the eyes of the Internet users are bright.Tang Yan starred in films and television works, 40 works on more than 30.”Bounty Hunter”, “Yan Yuntai”, “A Chinese Odyssey 3” and so on, have hit the street.In recent years, Tang’s works have reached as many as 10, and some have been cut in half because of low ratings.Tang’s works are almost all about the role of Silly Baitian, which has been ridiculed by netizens: will you play silly Baitian until you are 70 years old?With “Chinese Paladin legend 3” in the purple xuan one corner, into the audience vision.The summer beauty of Tang Yan in Xia Jia SAN Daughter, the bai Fu Mei is beautiful and beautiful, but also a little silly lovely, which makes the audience’s eyes shine, can be called tang Yan’s peak.Tang was 28 years old at the time, but she had no qualms about playing a young girl.This is the year for stars to cross over as presenters.Bian Tang Yan is hosting dragon TV’s Spring Festival Gala, while recently divorced Baby is hosting Beijing TV’s Spring Festival Gala.Baby wears millions of jewelry to host Spring Festival Gala, just a necklace for more than 700,000 yuan.Instead of being accepted by the audience, Baby’s bold attitude was questioned.However, Wang’s comments on Tang yan tend to be more encouraging and polite among friends.But director Hyun Gang-nam is more rational and objective as an outsider.What do you think about Tang’s behavior as a host?