Peking University canteen appears “strange phenomenon”, the insider’s answer, may be different from what you think

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Being admitted to a famous university is the dream of many students, but most of the time, only the real outstanding students can pass the college entrance examination, smoothly enter the desired university.In addition, the halo of famous schools as chips, the future of learning and employment, naturally is no worry.Peking University, the country’s top institution of higher learning, is often called the “gods fighting”.Many ordinary students are very curious about the life and study of students with excellent grades. Is it racing against time or relatively comfortable?A Peking University alumnus filmed a very “rare” scene in the canteen. Many students and teachers stood around to eat, because there were not enough seats in the canteen, or Peking University’s outstanding students have some unknown special behavior?Peking University canteen appeared “strange phenomenon”, the answer may not be as you think university can be said to hide dragons crouching tigers, no matter well-known universities or ordinary double Non universities, there are a lot of unexpected things happen.Previously, the canteen of a 211 university was regarded as a free self-study room by students. Instead of delicacies on the table, students reviewed materials and studied themselves very consciously.Now the canteen of Peking University also appeared “strange phenomenon”, a group of students and teachers did not sit on the seat to eat, but hand holding a plate, is eating, as if there is a very anxious things waiting for them to do, even looking at their classmates unconsciously accelerate the speed of eating.Many students wonder, is this the behavior of students with good grades?Does it smell better to eat standing up than sitting down?It’s hard to imagine, unless you’ve seen it, that top students eat like this, and the most immediate reason is to save time.But in my opinion, teachers and students have such behavior, there are several reasons.First, they want to spend more time and energy on scientific research projects and more important things, rather than wasting time on chatting and eating.Secondly, if you sit studying and working for a long time every day, you want to take advantage of eating time to stand up, which can not only accelerate blood circulation, but also avoid some problems caused by sitting for a long time. It has to be said that these excellent students are really unusual.Third, sitting down to eat too relaxed, it is difficult to quickly enter the next study and work.In addition, Peking University no matter study, life or eat, the pace is very fast, let people unconsciously will have a sense of urgency, so this scene appeared.Learning attitude is worth affirming, but do not agree with such a way of learning, the body is greater than everything undeniable is that students with excellent grades, no matter study or life, have a unique way has its certain truth.However, for most students, such a study attitude is worthy of praise, but such a study and life style is not worth advocating.The author believes that the body is more important than everything else, if you want to play a certain advantage in study or performance, the premise is to ensure the health of the body.Although the classroom is the main source of knowledge, only the guarantee of attendance can keep up with the speed of teachers.Nowadays, whether it is postgraduate entrance examination, research projects and employment, the competition is increasingly fierce. It is understandable that students want to race against time, but they should not squeeze in meals to save time, which will lay hidden dangers for their future study career and entering the workplace.We should know that everyone’s energy is limited, only reasonable arrangement of time, in order to take into account the health and study at the same time, is the most sensible choice.As the saying goes, time is like water in sponge, as long as the squeeze will always be some, so students can from what aspects to save time?Day hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, plan your day, helps the reasonable planning of time, as you know, every time in the morning the brain is the most active and most awake, want to guarantee the efficiency of one day, must be reasonable use of time up in the morning, whether it be for a whole day’s plan, to recite and remember English words, or the running exercise,Can be a great start and help keep other projects on track.Many college students are ideal is very rich, and wait until the real action is always delayed, but become lazy and empty slogans excuse.To know, the university stage of the time is very noble, if students neglect their studies do not cherish the time, then will be for employment and postgraduate entrance examination are buried hidden trouble.Therefore, reasonable planning of time is very important, college students must be prepared for a rainy day.The author said that Peking University has always been a model for students and the goal of struggle, although many students can not reach such a height, but at least for the dream of hard, will not leave a regret.And every step towards the dream is a step up and a gain. Students should be satisfied with what they have and plan and use their college time wisely.At the same time, I also hope that college students can set a clear direction for themselves. Every thing they do in college is planned, so that they can constantly achieve their goals, and will be full of fun and challenges. In the process of enjoying success, they will constantly stimulate their potential and motivation, and promote themselves to become more excellent.What do you think of Peking University students eating standing up?Feel free to share in the comments section below!Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete!For more of our highlights, check out Mama Cass