Mayor Chen Ailin visited the Spring Festival duty and frontline officers

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Chen Ailin visits condolences and a line on duty personnel on duty during the Spring Festival to everybody New Year wishes to warmer lights on February 1, January 31 solstice, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Chen Ailin visits condolences and a line on duty personnel on duty during the Spring Festival, to them, and all walks of life in the city to express our heartfelt thanks a line workers for jobs, happy New Year wishes.He stressed, to adhere to the people first, life first, through everyone’s hard work, so that the lights of ten thousand more warm, let the city people have a happy and peaceful New Year.Vice Mayor Che Lihua attended part of the visit and secretary General Qi Aishe attended.”Everyone, hard work!Happy New Year to you all!I wish you all a happy New Year, good health and success in your work!”Visit condolence, although the winter rain, but warm current surging.Everywhere he went, Chen ailin shook hands with the cadres and staff one by one, fully affirmed their achievements in the past year, and expressed heartfelt thanks for their hard work.In zhongbangshiji Square, Chen Ailin communicated with the front-line sanitation workers and urban management law enforcement officers to understand their work and life, and told them to pay attention to cold and warm, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard-working, and work together to make the city more beautiful and create a clean and comfortable environment for the citizens.Then he went to the municipal water company and told them to do everything possible to ensure water demand during the Spring Festival when water consumption is at its peak.At the municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control and the downtown hospital, Chen Ailin learned about the work of epidemic investigation, nucleic acid testing and medical treatment.He said that the majority of medical workers are the most lovable people in the new era because they bear hardships, fight hard and make sacrifices.I hope all of you will continue to shoulder the mission of The Times, keep the string of epidemic prevention and control tight, implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, and protect Yongzhou as a pure land.In the city fire rescue detachment, Chen Ailin praised the contribution of the city’s fire rescue team to the construction of Safe Yongzhou in the past year, and hoped that we can practice excellent skills and protect the safety of the party.Focus on key groups and key areas, implement fire safety “knock on the door action”, strictly prevent fire accidents.In the municipal government building visited the staff on duty, Chen Ailin encouraged everyone to continue to maintain a vigorous state of mind, strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, strengthen emergency duty and information reporting work, in the New Year to make persistent efforts, make further achievements.In the municipal Public Security Bureau, yongzhou Detachment of the provincial High police Station, and the intersection of the City’s civil Air Defense Office of the Two Guangzhou high-speed connection line “Yongzhou Fast anti-135” patrol platform, Chen Ailin through video scheduling county and city on duty preparation, a detailed understanding of traffic flow, vehicle passage, social security, etc..He pointed out that the broad public security police are the main force to maintain the overall social stability of the city, and should resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of “promoting the development of the party and ensuring the peace of the party”, and make new and greater contributions to the political security, social stability and people’s peace of the city.During the Spring Festival, when traffic flows are heavy, we must actively respond to changes in the road traffic situation as well as cold rain, snow and freezing weather, adopt targeted measures, spare no efforts to ensure safety and smooth traffic, resolutely curb major traffic accidents, and resolutely put an end to major traffic accidents, so as to further enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction.Reporter: Huang Lingling (Yongzhou Daily) Yuan Ruifang (Yongzhou Radio and Television) editor: Zhu Wenxiu second trial: Yu Guanglin third trial: Tang Xiaomang ● Voting began!Please give a thumbs-up to the “good person in Yongzhou” in your heart.CCTV reported: cross-border fusion of national tide music, dance and poetry drama staged in Yongzhou
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