When is the best month to come to Sanya?The answer may not be what you think

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First the conclusion!October-december march-May, good weather not crowded June-September a little hot but really can pick up!Township guide consulting the most, I am afraid is the weather problem, a few months to appropriate ah?Is it hot now?Is it cold in winter?When is the best time to decide?Today, I will take you to know about Sanya in the last few months, the most suitable, and the most suitable?Without further ado, xiaobian will first sort out the annual average temperature and the highest historical temperature in all areas of Sanya, so that you can have a very intuitive feeling:As you can see from the above picture, the hottest time in Sanya is usually from May to September. In the history, there was a time when the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius, but according to the feedback of the editor and local colleagues and friends, it was basically the same as the average temperature, and the highest temperature was about 33 degrees Celsius.If you are at the seaside, there is a sea breeze, the body will feel more comfortable, but it is really scorching sun, basking in the body will be burning pain.Under the coconut trees, away from the sun, perfect for a nap and relaxation.Of course, the list is always changing, but it is true that if you come from places like Wuhan, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Changsha, where the summer temperature is generally higher than 37℃ and the highest extreme temperature is 44℃, you may even feel fit to stay in Sanya.The township director wrote an article before, shared in detail, sanya winter temperature problem, you can do reference.”Hainan winter in the end hot? An article let you understand hainan weather” Sanya winter health expensive?A lot of small partners after reading, may feel, so avoid 5-September, October, April to go, is not comfortable and suitable for health?Indeed, generally more experienced in the elderly, will choose this period of time, probably in July – August to choose a good place, booked the room.But at the same time, if you only want to stay for a month or two, you will consciously avoid Chinese New Year.If it is retired, want to find a place to comfort the elderly, we have plenty of time to reflect this advantage.The general long lease has long lease concessions, the overall rent is cheap, you rent more than 3-6 months, the basic New Year landlord will not find you more charges, the most is during the New Year may have to make up a little meal, after all, personnel costs, dishes are expensive.January to February every year is basically the peak season in Sanya’s peak season.Many health care bases, the harvest of the whole year, also expect to have a harvest in these months.Usually at least double the price, some even 3-4 times.That makes sense to the bosses, who do invest a lot of money in their business.In market economy, people come in large numbers and it is very popular. Of course, houses are scarce, and prices will naturally rise.In 2022, how hot will sanya’s tourism market be during this year’s Spring Festival holiday?During the Spring Festival Golden Week (January 31 to February 6, 2022), Sanya Airport completed an average of 404 flights with an average daily passenger throughput of 64,000, an increase of 29.1% and 32.4%, respectively, compared with the Spring Festival holiday of 2021.During the Spring Festival in Sanya, I can obviously feel that supermarkets and markets are bustling from August to September, crowded from January to February, and there are so many people that they seem to be free of money.Now, in mid-February, there are fewer people.Many families who come to travel have returned home after the 15th day of the first lunar month.Therefore, if my family and friends come to Sanya, I still suggest that they should avoid the Spring Festival. It is true that there are many people and prices are high, and the experience may be greatly reduced.In which months sanya health care cost the highest?Here are some directions for you.If you really want the right temperature, you hate crowds.October – December, March – May, in fact, although it is the peak season, but the price is not so outrageous.If you do not resist the temperature slightly higher, or from a hotter place, June to September, the off-season is super few, the price is low, it is suitable for picking up the leak.But also want to remind you, many health care bases, especially the housing source that includes three meals, in the off-season, may be closed because of too few people.After all, if only one or two families live in a house, they can’t afford it and you can feel a little lonely.So the country guide suggests that you, if you want to pick up the leak, may choose to cook their own housing, and cheap, and can avoid this problem.What else do you want to know about Kangyang in Sanya?Talk to me in the comments section!!