We just met on New Year’s Eve…Chen Meifeng burst into tears. “Bago usually has an examination” : I didn’t expect it so soon

2022-05-08 0 By

Reporter Yiru Lin/Taipei – Bago died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 67.Pakistan’s products of high quality of life in Taiwan association engaged in public welfare activities, and JiBao knew such as, to Eva, Chen mei feng, Chen mei feng learned that the news last night cry to say a word, her heartache don’t give up, said “know that he was ill, small New Year this year just in the home for dinner, but because the dog usually have check, didn’t think things will happen so soon.”Chen Meifeng mourns bago.Chen mei feng (figure/turn taken Chen mei feng facebook) in recent years because of public welfare activities and began to know, run through through all together, not regular travel party, her grief in face book of ba was singing films, “thanks to have you in all lines on the journey of life. Do good time together over the years, thanks to the brother of forever, we continue our good put it forward, miss.”She also wrote, “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”Chen Meifeng knows Bago well because of her charity activities.Bago was diagnosed with cancer last year and died only six months later. All her relatives and friends were taken by surprise and felt very sad.At the same time, he is active in drama and hosting. He has won three Golden Bell Award TV variety show host awards with “Double Star News” and “Tonight”, and starred in “Postman” series in Taiwan TV, which is a classic work.In recent years, he retired from the entertainment circle and devoted himself to public welfare activities, often raising funds for charity performances. The news of his death spread, many friends and younger generations in the entertainment circle are very sad.