Watch this magnificent scenery for heroes: Watergate Bridge 6 points win word-of mouth box office double explosion

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During the Spring Festival, people pay a New Year call on the first day and visit their parents’ home on the second. However, this year, more people choose to celebrate the festival by watching movies.”Watergate Bridge” has been leading the pre-sale stage and topped the list of most wanted films for the Chinese New Year for 14 consecutive days.After its official release, the film also quickly broke the 400 million yuan box office in three hours. On the second day of release, the box office exceeded 1 billion yuan. On the third day, the Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake had already earned over 1.5 billion yuan at the box office.So far, the box office has reached 1.77 billion yuan.Although the Chinese New Year movie season will continue for some time to come, “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” has booked an early no. 1 spot for this year’s Spring Festival with its runaway box office status.Watergate Bridge follows changjin Lake, which was released during last year’s National Day holiday. At that time, the film received very good word-of-mouth and topped the Chinese box office with a box office of over 5.7 billion yuan.As a continuation of the story of Changjin Lake, “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” continues to maintain a high standard, with taopiao score of 9.6 and Cat eye score of 9.6.Due to the great influence of “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake”, the Internet has also set off a “salute to the loveliest person” craze, many netizens have paid tribute to the martyrs.Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is widely regarded as a shocking, moving and meaningful film worthy of seeing during the Spring Festival, and many audiences reported that The Times they went to see it were packed.Many big Vs also commented on watergate Bridge from a professional perspective, describing the film as a strong sense of impact, clear portrayal of the battle, and online performance of the actors. Meanwhile, they think heroes and martyrs should not be forgotten.After watching the film, Sun Guangrui, a veteran of the Volunteer Army, said that tears filled his eyes, which showed how touching the film was.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” is different from “Changjin Lake”, this film is more than 90% of the content is directed by Tsui Hark alone, is a complete story.Therefore, “The Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” the overall painting style is unified, the story is fluent, let a person have a feeling of one stroke.Tsui Hark, who was born in 1950, was 71 when he made “Watergate Bridge,” and he still gave 200 percent of his energy.Chief executive Producer Huang Jianxin once said in an interview that Tsui hark worked very hard to shoot this film. It took him four months to shoot night scenes, so you can imagine how many big nights he had to stay up.Tsui said he worries about accidents every day while shooting and takes careful notes, such as the use of gunpowder, bullets and flares, just in case.Li Chen also told that Tsui Hark would personally demonstrate at the scene, even when shooting the cold night drama with snow and ice, Tsui hark would personally come to the scene to accompany the actors to shoot, so that the actors were very moved.”It’s worth it,” Hark said of his efforts.”The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” incorporates Tsui Hark’s painstaking creation, which can also be felt when watching the film.The watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake was specially shot by IMAX, which makes people feel like they are in the movie.The quality of the picture is extremely clear and vivid, which also makes the stark contrast between the white snow and the red blood of the war scenes very striking.In itself, the battle scenes in “Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” are shocking and magnificent.From the fighting on the ground to the large-scale explosion scene, the heart-beating scenes also let the audience feel the steel will of the martyrs in the merciless and cruel artillery fire.Huang jianxin said, Chinese people’s feelings, Hollywood blockbusters are completely unable to grasp.So in “The Watergate Bridge,” they gave the film more Chinese emotions.From the scene of jiangnan water town, to the soldiers’ clothes, as well as the notebook and family photos, they are all integrated into the strong Oriental aesthetics, which is the profile of Chinese emotions.This also allows the film to quickly ignite the audience’s national consciousness when it is released.Watergate Bridge of Nagatsin Lake differs from Nagatsin Lake in its storyline.”Changjin Lake” mainly tells the background of the Chinese people’s volunteers to fight in Changjin Lake, depicting a group of heroes.”Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” focuses on the thrilling story of “Three explosions of watergate Bridge”.The Watergate Bridge is strategically important due to its location in a U-shaped valley.Once the Watergate bridge was blown up, American evacuation routes would be blocked and vehicles blocked, which would be a powerful constraint on the mechanization of American forces.In the film, the soldiers of the seventh interspersed company also began to stage a fierce battle of wits and courage with the Us army. On the one hand, they used interspersed and devious tactics to distract from the west and win by surprise. On the other hand, they took advantage of the time advantage and terrain cover at night to stage the scene with few enemies.This “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” can be said to be the escalation of the war situation, the escalation of artillery fire, exciting degree also let the audience always pay attention to the plot development, there is no chance to be distracted.Compared with “Changjin Lake” in the interpretation of the heroes, this “Changjin Lake water Gate Bridge” also focuses on the portrayal of several leading roles.Through the detailed portrayal of several main characters, we also feel more vivid characters and more real history.Wu Jing as the seven repeatedly long Wu Qianli, brave and resourceful, in the charge at the same time, but also showed strong leadership and rapid decision-making ability.Yi Yangqianxi played wu Li’s brother Wu Wanli, in the baptism of fire over and over again, rapid growth, from a rash teenager into a calm and determined man.With the heart to die but talk with laughter yu congrong, caring family but joined the fight without hesitation Mei Sheng, and so on, the role is having extraordinary background, character feelings, but everyone is willing to rush into the smoke of gunfire for a target.It can be felt that the characters in “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” are more real and full, three-dimensional and hierarchical. When the audience sighs and respects each role, they also seem to see the martyrs’ fearless fighting on the battlefield, which makes people very moved.05 actors spell, contribution textbook acting in “Changjin Lake watergate Bridge” in the actors are very dedicated, is considered to be online acting, in fact, are actors with a “spell” spirit of interpretation.In order to show the true state of injury, Zhu yawen wore special effects that were described as “scary” by the staff, and zhu yawen said he never dared his family to see him like this.Wu Jing as a martial arts actor, filming is always real on the ground, we see in the camera Wu Jing’s face covered with injuries, half of makeup, half of the real injuries.Han dong-jun injured his arm while shooting a play and broke out in a sweat in the -30 degree weather.Li Chen also said that some of the actors’ faces hurt and they couldn’t open their mouths because they had to simulate the extreme cold.Even more serious was the time when he, Wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi were talking together. Unexpectedly, it was too cold, and several of them fell into a coma due to hypothermia.Several actors in the film contributed to the performance of the textbook level, such level of acting is not “acting”, but the real fight to spell out.And several actors consider it a great honor to play heroes.06 theme song into super tear gas watch the “Changjin Lake of the Watergate Bridge” film, in everyone has not walked out of the flames of war, the end of the film sounded in the cinema “Heaven and Earth I came” again let many audience tears.”Heaven and Earth I Came” is sung by singer Sun Nan, whose soaring voice, accompanied by a quiet background music, brings the image of a lone hero to the forefront of the audience.Lyrics: “If you can’t go back, please don’t cry for me, for me to see the magnificent mountains and rivers, remember me, I came, I love my motherland” also became super tear gas, so that each audience are willing to deeply remember those who have created a better life for us martyrs.In fact, “Heaven and Earth I came” the lyrics of this song, is adapted from the Chinese people’s Volunteer army soldiers song MAO left before the sacrifice of the last letter.Song Amao died, hand tightly clutched a piece of paper wrote: “Ice, I will not yield to you!I will stand proudly in my post, even if I freeze to death!”Conclusion “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” is well-made, well-intentioned, and has far-reaching significance. It is a symbol of the rise of Domestic blockbusters and deserves to be the best film of the year.As we celebrate the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Tiger, we should not forget that in the year of the Tiger 72 years ago, the martyrs sacrificed their lives for the peaceful and beautiful life of our people today.”Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” is worth us to go into the cinema to watch, but also let us for the martyrs to see the magnificent mountains and rivers now, as they wish, prosperous times.This article by the “exclusive film and television” author “Zefei” original, without the author authorized consent, any other platform shall not reprint this article, violators will be prosecuted for legal responsibility.You are welcome to subscribe to “Exclusive Video”, thank you for your support!