To ensure the safety of railway power supply xiangxi “railway man” to snow in order to remove faults

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Hua sound online On February 10 (reporter Longteng correspondent Tang Xiaoping Liu Yu) the Winter Olympic Games than the cold in full swing, in the west of Hunan, there is a group of “railway man” heard order and move, hand in hand, through the snow between the mountains, practicing “alpine skiing”, to ensure the safety of railway power supply.”Due to the influence of heavy snow, jiaoliu railway outlet to Wanyan interval, railway power through the line failure, quickly to the scene investigation!”At 6:30 on February 9, the day dawned bright, Huaihua power supply Section Jishou power supply workshop received an urgent notice.Follow orders.Six workers, who were on standby 24 hours a day in the workshop, had a simple breakfast and got on a bus and rushed to the railway line.The hidden zone lies deep in the mountains.The mountain path was twisted and twisted, and snow kept cars out of the way, so they climbed it on foot and patrolled it all the way.In order to find the fault as soon as possible, we were divided into two groups, led by qu Jiyuan, the party secretary of the workshop, and Zhang Minghan, an electric power technician. They wore yellow hard hats and insulated rubber shoes, each holding a long-handled firewood knife, and walked in the snow.Where there was nothing to hold on to, he grabbed the branches and climbed, snowflakes falling down his neck.Days of snowfall made the already thorned, kudzu covered hillside more difficult to walk, people use firewood knives open, hands and feet to climb.Power line worker Huang Yun did not step on a steady foot when climbing slope, slide down the hill to a long way.”Huang Yun, you have participated in alpine skiing in the Winter Olympics!”Zhang minghan joked, “Climbing skills must be kept in mind: step firmly grasp gravity down!”After more than two hours of crawling, qu jiyuan’s team found an arm thick branch about 1.5 meters long hanging on the power supply line at about 10 o ‘clock at the no. 47 electric pole between Paokou and Wanyan.A pine tree about 8 meters long and 15 centimeters in diameter fell onto power lines under the weight of the snow.The trouble spot has been found!”Wang Chuanhao and Guo Zhouping are responsible for felling and removing fallen trees. The hillside is steep and the snow is slippery. Please pay attention to safety.”Qu Jiyuan decisively arranged.Guo Zhouping raised the firewood knife to the pine tree hard to chop down, a knife shaking hands tingling.He took off his gloves, fumed, rubbed his hands, and chopped again.More than 10 minutes later, the pine tree was successfully cut down and dragged away from the power line.After a while, another group of three people arrived with ropes, reclining sticks, foot buckles and other tools.The challenge now is to clear the power line of branches.They tried unsuccessfully to pull the branch off with a crick stick.Can only be removed by climbing pole.Because of the snow, the surface of the pole is wet and covered with ice, and the normal buckle can not slip normally on the pole. There are security risks in the operation at high altitude on the pole. How to do?Guo zhouping proposed that the ankle buckles should be wrapped in strips cut from sacks and then wrapped with aluminum wire ties to prevent slipping.After the transformation of the foot buckle, it worked.Huang put on his safety belt and climbed to the pole with foot buckles. He removed the branches that fell on the wires with tools.At 11:47, the fault is handled and the hidden danger is removed.After contacting with the dispatch, the power through-line returned to normal.”Troubleshooting went well today, and some of the failures were much more subtle.””Exclaimed Guo Zhouping, a 50-year-old power line worker.Starting from New Year’s Eve, Guo and his colleagues braved the cold, through the snow blocked the mountain, continuous battle for 10 days, the investigation and elimination of power supply safety hazards of 7.Guo Zhouping said with red eyes.”It’s a sense of accomplishment to be able to get the power back on quickly.I owe it to my wife, but I can’t spend the New Year with her in Jishou.”Once a power failure occurs on the through-line, which is responsible for providing power for railway driving signals, it will seriously disrupt the order of train operation.Most of the power lines under the jurisdiction of Jishou power supply workshop run through the mountains along the Xiangxi railway, about one-third of them are located in the mountains of about 600 meters above sea level, which is difficult to repair.Since New Year’s eve to big NianChuJiu, which is constructed by ancient zhangs, jishou power supply workshop tube slightly, mayang sustained low temperature in remote mountain areas such as rain and snow weather, to shorten the repair time, jishou power supply workshop start bad weather level of response, the abolition of all cadres and workers on leave, send emergency rescue team, 13 times in repair, emergency workers more than 120 people,This ensures fast fault detection and power supply recovery.