Thumb up!Foreign athletes boast about Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-08 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) — Foreign athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics are boasting about venues, track, food, service and other aspects.After all, there was so much to impress them that “good” wasn’t enough.On time! Great!What makes the Beijing Winter Olympics special is that it is the first global multi-sport event to be held as scheduled since the COVID-19 pandemic, which is of great significance for athletes preparing for the games four years ago.”I’m just so thankful that the Winter Olympics are happening as planned.In Beijing, I feel super safe.””Said Victoria Persinger, a U.S. mixed doubles curling player.”I am grateful for the challenging environment in which the Games are being held.””Complimented 27-year-old Japanese speed skater Mifan Takagi.It’s a great stadium. It’s great!”As long-distance runners, we really like the ice here.”Canadian speed skater Isabel Weidman believes the ice Ribbon conditions have helped them excel.”It’s one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever seen in the world, surrounded by mountains, very well equipped and very convenient.”Nathan Krumpton, American Samoa’s men’s skeleton bobsleigh racer, on the Snow Dragon.”It’s the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen and it’s an absolute privilege to play here.And it’s a great way to reuse the stadium, which used to be the swimming venue for the Summer Olympics.””Said Victoria Persinger, a U.S. mixed doubles curling player.”I think it’s great to build such an amazing venue and keep skiing alive here.If alpine skiing is going to survive, it has to have a foothold in Asia, and that’s what this venue means for the future.”Shettil Jansrud, Norwegian men’s alpine skiing champion, commented on the “Snow Flying Swallow” at the National Alpine Skiing center in Yanqing.A precious sense of security, yes!”Only by taking strict quarantine measures can we ensure everyone’s health and safety.”German speed skater Claudia Pechstein, 49, feels safety is a priority.The nucleic acid test is very convenient. It’s right next to the restaurant. You go to have breakfast and get a nucleic acid test in less than 10 seconds.So says Janice Spitelli of Malta, who competed in the women’s snowboard halfpipe at the Beijing Winter Olympics.All kinds of food, great!”The pizza here is delicious and I am curious to know how the chef makes such authentic pizza.I also like eating dumplings.I eat certain foods during the competition, but I like to eat dumplings after the competition.”Francesca Lorobbrigida, a 31-year-old Italian speed skater, has fallen in love with Chinese dumplings.”I’ve eaten about 200 dumplings since I’ve been here. That’s a lot of dumplings.When I came back from training in the mountains, I went to eat dumplings.”Julia Marino, an American snowboarder in the women’s big jump.”I’ll probably put on 10 pounds by the time I leave.”Norwegian athlete Philipp Fejeld-Andersen didn’t come up with a list of his favourite foods, but wouldn’t the meat on his body say more?(