The second day of the year, a reunion dinner let me understand: children’s etiquette is the quality of the family

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Every Spring Festival, my family has to organize a family reunion, and this year is no exception.However, because of the old aunt’s 5-year-old granddaughter, this year’s second day of the Chinese New Year’s reunion dinner, we ate quite unhappy.Soon after they sat down, the little granddaughter called out, “Grandma, Grandma, when will the food be served?I’m so hungry!”She cried and beat her chopsticks on her dishes, but my aunt could only comfort her in a low voice, telling her not to worry.Not after a while the waiter began to serve food, someone is still in the folder, the little granddaughter began to hard to turn the wheel, put their favorite chicken wings, sweet and sour ribs are turned to the eyes, to the bowl of a lot of folder.Although the old aunt said, “the child is still young, eat no appearance,” but did not stop the meaning of granddaughter, but also a few pieces to the granddaughter bowl, and the little granddaughter is not care about, to the bowl of ribs to pick to pick, actually put some of the fat back into the plate.Seeing the little granddaughter’s action, everyone looked at each other in surprise, knowing that the dish of spareribs was not going to be eaten.We often say that “table manners are the best reflection of a family’s upbringing.” Nowadays, parents pay more attention to their children’s nutritional supplements than ever before, focusing on making their children eat well and eat more, but sometimes they just ignore their table manners.Professor Li Meijin once said in a lecture that “if one house is not swept, it is difficult to sweep the world”, reminding parents to pay attention to their children’s table manners.In fact, it is true that a child who is greedy, selfish and uneducated when eating will grow up to be habitually self-centered and have no basic manners, which will not only be disliked by others, but also affect normal interpersonal communication.Thousands of years ago, Confucius taught his son, “If you don’t learn etiquette, you can’t stand up.”If a child does not understand etiquette, then the future will not be able to establish a foothold in society, and dining etiquette as the most basic aspect of etiquette, has a vital role in the growth of children.Since ancient times, China has been a land of etiquette. There are all kinds of etiquette norms when having a meal. For example, when having a meal, you can’t do two things at once, can’t talk loudly, can’t abuse chopsticks and so on.In the process of cultivating dining etiquette for children, we can make children understand what things can be done and what things should not be done, so as to further establish a sense of rules for children.As we all know, human beings are social animals. They have to socialize with people around them in the most basic way every day, and the dinner table is a basic social occasion.Help children develop good dining etiquette, can cultivate children’s most basic sociality, so that children can make civilized, healthy dining habits at the table, to carry out normal interpersonal communication.According to China’s cultural traditions, not only before the dinner seat order to pay attention to the elders and elders, when the younger generation also wait for elders to move chopsticks first, so teach children the basic dining etiquette, help children realize the elders and elders, understand the importance of filial piety.What dining etiquette should we teach our children?1. The meal preparation before the meal, we can let the child can try to help do the preparation, such as the table, side dishes, etc., then let the child understand table order not random, after elders sit sit again, this is not only as a junior respect for elders, is also the embodiment of the basic family.2. Some parents spoil their children, so when they eat, they are used to letting their children eat their favorite food. This dining habit is very impolite.We should let the child understand, will know how to share when have dinner, can’t act too selfish, but also should not be on the plate with chopsticks to pick, stood up and stretched out arm to reach across the table, in addition to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing, use chopsticks to should take put down gently, can not use chopsticks pointing to others, and so on, these are the basic etiquette of dinner.3. After dinner after dinner, we also let the children understand that they can not casually evaluate the food, complain about the food is not suitable for taste, but should embrace a heart of gratitude to the food preparation, to express gratitude to each other.And as a junior, but also try to wait for everyone after the dinner to clean up the table, clean up the chopsticks, if after dinner something to leave first, to take the initiative to say hello to their elders, and then leave the table.Lao Miao concluded: table manners is an important way to reflect children’s family upbringing, we should cultivate table manners for children from childhood.Often parents will say “can’t let the child lose at the starting line”, and we in addition to pay attention to children’s knowledge education, etiquette should pay more attention to, with good etiquette norms, in order to let children go further in the future.Topic of the day: Do you pay attention to your children’s table manners?

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