Gong Hanlin and men’s bar, Feng Gong and “blade” also made a move.Net friend: Don’t mess with them

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Gong Hanlin and men’s bar, Feng Gong and “blade” also made a move.Net friend: Don’t mess with them Gong Hanlin and men’s football bar, men’s football timely response, someone also said to let Gong Hanlin when the captain.In saying so, he is afraid to face up to his own problems and is clearly making provocative moves.Not to mention Gong Hanlin’s hatred, but to see Feng Gong and “sliver”, some netizens said: don’t mess with them.Feng Xiaoting and Gong Hanlin football war, netizens dubbed “Feng Gong football war”, did not really attracted Feng Gong.1, Gu Ailing loves to eat pie, because the pie filling is yellow, the same color as the gold medal.Xu Mengtao love to eat skewers, you see her flying in the air, the somersault turned into a string.3, Women love to eat noodles, because they know to fight for the Face of Chinese people.Men love to eat sea cucumber, looks covered with thorns, actually quite soft!In fact, Feng Gong, like other fans of men’s football, is “sorry for their misfortune and angry that they do not fight for it”. Just because he hates iron, he often makes fun of Chinese men’s football in his works.For example: Chinese football team is good, more than ten years is not rushed out of Asia, that is our modesty!If Chinese football had your speed, they would have qualified.What stinks most during the Asian Games?The foot of the Chinese men’s football team is the stinkiest.The idea that makes men proud is to cancel the women’s competition.Why couldn’t the men’s soccer team get out of Asia for so many years?Because there are 11 fewer women on the pitch!Who knows, Feng Gong’s “pie, kebab, noodles and sea cucumber” just rushed to the hot search, Han Zhao also made a move!Who is Hanjo?Cops!”Note” shot a funny short video, the purpose is to support Gong Hanlin.”My daughter-in-law and I are both die-hard fans of Chinese men’s football,” the note says in the video.We discussed that we would never get divorced until the National football team went out of Asia and into the world!End, Chinese men’s football, refueling refueling refueling ah!Look, so many celebrities are paying attention to the men’s soccer team. What an honor.