577,000 yuan of hard-earned money, hair!

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Spring Yang fu zhao, all things zi Rong.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning of April 2, in the courtroom of the Executive Board of mentougou Court, four workers bowed their heads and spoke gently, carefully counting the RMB in their hands, which was 104,000 yuan of hard-earned money they had been owed for two years. Masks covered their faces, but they could not stop their happy eyes.”Thank you, judge, I really didn’t expect to come!Everyone let me thank you!”As happy as they are, there are 17 workers in Shandong, Wang and his workers received 473,000 yuan case money, the first time from shandong home to the executive judge Zhang Huaqiang called to thank.They had “given up hope” for this salary, but received an unexpected surprise this spring.Between 2015 and 2018, 21 people, including Wang mou, were employed by Song mou and worked in the housing renovation project contracted by Song Mou. After the project was completed, part of their wages were lost.After urging for many times fruitless, Wang and other 21 workers will Sue Song to the court.In January 2020, through the mediation of Mentougou court, the parties voluntarily reached an agreement, by the defendant Song to pay the plaintiff Wang mou and other labor costs 577,000 yuan.But Song has not fulfilled the obligations, Wang and others in February 2021 to the Mentougou court to apply for enforcement.Review of Execution In the process of execution, Mentougou Court adhered to the principle of “giving priority to filing, execution and payment of cases related to people’s livelihood”, took timely measures of property investigation and control, and actively communicated with the subject to execution to urge them to fulfill their obligations as soon as possible.Song, the executor, said he himself was also a subcontractor of the project, the last family transferred to him after the project money, he can return these workers.Perform in line with the good civilization idea, implement the judge decided to earn money for the person subjected to execution time, through long-term supervision and communication, in March 2022, the person subjected to execution Song Mou successively will play to the case of more than 50, ten thousand yuan is located in fengtai district after a subbranch of a bank account, executive officers immediately went to the bank, deduct the model of the case.In order to distribute the money to the applicants as soon as possible, the executive judge decided to adopt an “online and offline” approach according to the actual situation and intention of the applicants, with 4 applicants in Beijing receiving the money offline and the rest receiving the money online.One day before the payment, the executive police contacted each applicant for “online” operation process training and guidance to ensure the smooth and rapid payment.On that day, the whole payment process was orderly and efficient. In less than an hour, the 577,000 yuan payment was distributed smoothly.No small matter of the people’s livelihood, the executive vallely court cases and cases involving people’s livelihood has been vigorously promoting the small target, by full use limit consumption, well into the list of faithless person subjected to execution, a fine or detention, shall be investigated for mandatory measures such as refuse of sin and goodwill execution concept of civilization, the combination of ensure the relevant case execution in place in time, case distribution in place./ “Although it was a late salary, we finally got it. You are happy and we are happy.”Looking at the applicant’s satisfied appearance, executive judge Zhang Huaqiang and his colleagues felt extremely warm.On the way to leave the court, Zhang Huaqiang judge also gave them some legal tips: One is through the court information platform, the employing units or economic contacts for credit reference;Second, in the process of litigation, the person subject to execution can be prevented from malicious transfer of property by applying for property preservation.Third, in the execution stage, it can actively provide property clues to the court to help the court timely investigate and control the property of the person subject to execution.Contributed by: Mentougou Court Editor: Yao Rihui Wang Deli