What TV series is Brother Su Nian

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Su Nian ge is a character in the TV series “Glazed tile once upon a Time”.The role is played by actor Lin Yi.In addition to Lin yi, the series stars Chen Yuqi, Yan Zidong, Ma Li, Tang Xu, Fang Bin, Yuan Ran, Tian Ai, Sun Kai and others.The children of several restoration craftsmen, including Shao Xue, Zheng Sunian and Zhang Qi, grew up together in Beijing’s hutongs.They experienced the SARS epidemic, the death of the elderly, the demolition of the ancient city and so on, forged a deep friendship.As they grow up, they also choose different paths because of their personality differences.Zheng Sunian inherited the will of his elders and became a restorer of cultural relics, sensing time and gaining power in immortal relics;Shao Xue is affected by Zheng Sunian’s mother, and is not willing to give up the infinite possibility of the future for love.Zhang Qi was given a walk in advance because of his talent for mathematics.Although their hearts are connected, the young Shao xue and Zheng Sunian are still separated by their respective pursuits.After years of separation, they meet again, and the seeds planted in their youth break through the soil again.Play zheng Sunian is born in 1999 Lin yi, extraordinary appearance, pure and fresh temperament, their own conditions.Still reading a freshman he was discovered by agents and signed a contract tang film, hu Ge’s younger brother.From the “Warm Hour light for Us” began to attract more and more attention.