Warm heart!”Energy meal” for frontline workers

2022-05-07 0 By

At 10 PM on April 4, 11 nucleic acid testing sites, including Yuancheng Center in Suining High-tech Zone and South Suining Toll Station, received milk and bread as a gift from Bailix Food Co., Ltd. to provide nutrition supplies to frontline anti-epidemic workers.”Front-line epidemic prevention and control staff are working overtime to prevent and control the epidemic. Considering the difficulty of dinner, we donated a batch of food.””At this critical moment, businesses should play their social responsibility and make their due contribution,” said a bakers food company official.It is reported that since the new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Suining on March 30, all staff in suining High-tech Zone have cancelled their vacations and actively participated in the anti-epidemic work.”430 portions of milk and bread have provided strong material security and spiritual motivation for those on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control.”Wang Yong, director of the Party and Mass Department of Suining High-tech Zone, said that The charity of Bailix not only reflects the company’s overall awareness and responsibility, but also makes the anti-EPIDEMIC workers feel the warmth of society.(Liang Hui, media reporter of Suining Media Group)