“Tell the jiuhuashan essay story” that year, Jiuhuashan jade Belt river

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In early spring, I took a trip to Mount Jiuhua with my friends and passed by the Yudai River, reviving memories that I had accumulated for more than 50 years.It was 1971, I was in elementary school, and the teacher said she was going to take us somewhere far away on Sunday.I have never been far away, so excited that I did not sleep well all night, deliberately got up a high early, under the guidance of the teacher, walking from the village to the town, and then from the town along the Longxi River, to the direction of Jiuhua Mountain.On the way, I knew that the teacher was going to take us to bridge an hydroelectric power station.At that time, the countryside did not connect high voltage, to see how water can be turned into electricity, this for a 10-year-old child, is really a new thing.In fact, from the village where I am in the jade Screen, walk to the foot of the Jiuhuashan two holy bridge nunn, say more, also only more than 20 miles of road, but for young me, is undoubtedly a hard long march.After walking for most of the day, we finally arrived at gyo-am Hydroelectric power station.Stand in the distant hillside, I saw a tall iron tube, the tree on the towering mountains, a mountain stream at a stream of rivers, it poured down from the huge iron tube, the intense impact, drive the generator, the power, the rows of incandescent lamp, resplendently shining, so lit up a 10 year old children closed heart.At that time, Jiuhua Mountain has not yet opened, we went to the foot of the mountain “one day gate”, turn back to walk.Turning from Ke Village to Lao Tian Wu, the teacher introduced Lao Tian Wu with great interest while walking.According to legend, during the reign of Tang Tianbao, the poet Li Bai was invited by the qing Yang County magistrate Zhong Can to visit Jiuhua Mountain. When he passed through here, he happily wrote a poem like this: “The primordial history has been judged, the river sky is now the map, and there is no Nine Hua map, there is the old tian Wu.”At that time, we did not know who the magistrate was or how big an official he was, but we knew that Li Bai was a great poet and we had to memorize his poem “Bright moonlight before bed”.Go to the Yudai River, I see the water is crystal clear, along the river on both sides of the black tile white wall, the house is not high, the highest is only two, like a rigorous rhythm, very rhyming scattered at random on both sides of the Yudai River.These houses built along the Jade Belt River do not have the vicissitudes and thick of qin bricks and han tiles, but they have the gorgeous and bright of Ming bricks and tiles.Although it was early spring, in the midday sun, under its brightest is AiAi caesious roofing tile, stone road is under your feet AiAi, jade belt waters of the river water is AiAi, jade belt the paddle upstream of the fish in the river is AiAi, even born in the jade belt river river xian Zha grass, also AiAi, lovingly, dragging a long dark green skirt skirt,Affectionately, retain what.In front of each house was a small vegetable patch.Vegetable beds have a plenty of string of bamboo hedgerows, have a plenty of round cobblestone base on.That kind of delicate and aesthetic, without considerable skill and patience, it is estimated that the softball can not build.Before the vegetable beds, there were either willow trees or osmanthus trees, and occasionally some plum and peach trees.Think about, should be plum blossom tree is in the majority, otherwise, that writes “poem of 100 plum blossom” wu Xiang, that poem of 100 faint scent horizontal yi of plum blossom, he is below what situation, the mile that write.The whole village looks like a fresh simple village girl, no decoration, no makeup, fresh as a drop of morning dew on the plum pile.Walk, stop, look, the village road is paved with stone, not a foot empty fall on the earth, but feel step by step are so grounding gas.A lilong is probably a branch of a prosperous family. The ancient well in the deep of the lilong is covered with green moss. When you look into each other’s eyes, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the ancient well.A courtyard, perhaps, is the superimposition of an era. Above the hall, ancestors look solemn and solemn, and their words are recorded in the concise and comprehensive precepts of ancestors.When one sees or hears all this, one feels that the thin village is plump and big.Walking in Lao Tian wu Village, the place of a large number of literati, every seemingly illiterate old man, talking about “Wu’s genealogy”, just like when Shan Tianfang said dagu book as thoroughly familiar.Wu Dongcai, the ancestor of the Wu family, was born in Jiaxing, Tongbai, Henan province. During the reign of Yuan Kang in the Western Han Dynasty, he was appointed prefect of Yuan Shun, and later moved to The county magistrate of Lu ‘an.In 60 BC, he abandoned the official and lived in seclusion in present-day Lao Tian Wu.After reproduction, to the Tang Dynasty jiuhuashan under a large wang clan.From nine degrees master, (local tradition ghost monk Jin Qiao sleep will be regarded as jiu hua Sir, as we used to call venerable elder in the village master, everyone is so easy-going and friendly), to locate in Mr. Tian on years of jiuhua mountain when the wu, hospitality by people with wu, and up the mountain road to practice.For this reason, Jiuhua master wrote a poem to thank Wu Yongzhi, “Reward Rice” : “Left the jinluanacarb and floated to West China. I was the prince of Law and I was glad to meet Wu Yongzhi.Did not dare to knock on the door for his language, yesterday time to send rice and morning juice, now dinner meal huang Jing rice, full forget the previous day hunger.”Shangyuan years, old Tian Wu often floods, people’s livelihood is not peaceful, Jin Qiao feel the elimination of water disaster, let the moat and jiuhua river interlinked, from now on, the eradication of flood.Laotian Wu village in qunfeng embrace, and more than a gurgling round the village and over the Yudai River, added a Yudai bridge, “small bridge flowing water people” from the poem, into the Laotian Wu of a four seasons rhythm of the painting, charming and clever with the water splash.The Jade Belt River is flowing day and night, and the stone square of “new town old” built in han Dynasty has quietly become the foil of the Jade Belt River.That side was built in the late Ming Dynasty Wu Wenzi old house door square on both sides of the eight security shape zhaobi, as well as the pattern brick into the brackets, in the jade belt river reflection, such as blue shadow.That is built in qing Kangxi years of Wu Xiang residence house door square, become completely by delicate decorative pattern brick by laying bricks or stones, conveniently touch, heavy history and gorgeous, present in your palm.Travel to the Jade belt bridge, the building “Yunxi Academy”, the Northern Song Dynasty xuanhe years of The Nanyang governor Wu Zhengdao built.During the Reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, the academy was renamed “Ba Guan Tang” because eight members of the Wu clan were elected.Do not enter the “eight official hall”, far away, quietly standing outside, that kind of ancient and distant, or let people respect.Approaching the ancient temple, ancient Wells, ancient monuments, ancient shops and ancient lilong in the village, you will feel that the Jade Belt River is not only flowing in the past glory, but also left the heavy history.Time is a long river, always flowing, took away everything, including should be taken away, and should not be taken away, are quietly taken away, leaving only a sad and helpless sigh.More than 50 years have passed, Jiuhua Mountain has long been famous at home and abroad, becoming a tourist scenic spot, the yudai River surrounding is not what it used to be, a bustling.And more than 50 years ago, a teenager in the history of yudai River precipitation, fishing this section of wet memory, is a kind of memory of today’s Yudai River.A philosopher once said: the existence of life is to step on a moment to complete the journey of life.I firmly believe that the Yudai River is a river with life and longevity, and her existence enriches the blood of a clan, achieving the belief of a Buddha mountain.(Author: Zhang Xiaobing)