Posture, Letme see Karsa thief RNG: All of you give Karsa a knock

2022-05-07 0 By

LPL Spring competition is in full swing, and everyone is enjoying it.A lot of interesting things happened in the competition, for example, in the competition between V5 and RNG, Karsa, a wild player who once served in RNG team, staged a wave of sky show and stole home, which made the water friends stunned.For this match between RNG and V5, the former RNG single player posture and Letme are also very concerned, specially in Huya opened linmcOb commentary.Now as the anchor posture and Letme in THE OB commentary of the golden sentence frequently, the program directly pull full effect.In the first game, RNG single player Bin’s male gun was directly V5 single player Rich’s naer alone to eat, and the two sides did not stage A variety of extreme operations, Rich all the way across the soldier line flat A Bin, posture after see outspoken: ah, so simple, this is the sheet to eat?At the same time, RNG single player tiger’s plane in the line period is also the V5 single Rookie single eat, attitude is evaluation: bad ah, Li Yuanhao (tiger) out of the big problem!One of the best scenes in the game was Karsa’s attempt to steal the RNG base.Although V5 team pushed off the RNG three road highland, but Gala jinkesi no solution, several group wars were Gala turned the tide to win.At this point, the two sides only win a wave of mass battle.Karsa, however, replaced her trinket with a scan and squatted in the grass for four or five waves!See here, posture and Letme big feeling is not good, said: Karsa this is ready to wait for the ancient dragon refresh, and then plug TP two people, (RNG) how to keep ah?Sure enough, when the ancient Dragon refresh RNG was drawn to attention, Karsa sprinted +E+ eyes, cooperated with his teammates to push off the RNG main crystal, and won the race.When RNG crystal was stolen from the moment, posture and Letme laugh into muggles, posture blunt: Hao Xuan (Karsa) huge calm, and so on all to Karsa on a.Letme means the whole team should pour water for Karsa!Guys, how do you feel about Karsa’s wave of burglars?