“Pay attention” to the name of the candidate publicity

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Recently, xinyang Federation of Trade Unions, Xinyang Human resources and social Security Bureau of 2021 “Xinyang craftsmen” 20 candidates for the public.1. Li Zhaohui, male, Xinyang Wenxin Tea Co., LTD. Production manager, 2020 Henan Province technical expert.2. Peng Jinxiang, male, director of Pingqiao District Tebang Ecological Agriculture Co., LTD., Xinyang City, 2021 “Skilled Craftsman” of Pingqiao District.Xibo, male, director of Science and Technology Museum of Dongzhai National Nature Reserve Administration of Luoshan, senior engineer, “Luoshan Craftsman” of Luoshan County in 2021.4. Ma Dai, male, operation chief of Leon Agricultural and Forestry Waste Thermal Power Co., LTD., Luoshan County, winner of “Xinyang May 1 Labor Medal” in 2020.5. Huang Zhimin, female, huangchuan County Vocational secondary professional school teacher, grade two tea art teacher, grade three tea evaluation member, Xinyang city technology expert.6. Yi Hui, male, Senior engineer (agronomist), Promotion Station of Xixian Agricultural Mechanization Technology Center.Li Degerman, male, vice president of Xixian Folk Artists Association, researcher of Chinese Pyrograph Art Research Center.Zheng Zhenhuai, male, cloth carver of Fanghu Town, Huaibin County, senior folk artist, founder of cloth carver art.9. Geng Jun, female, monitor of force weaving process of Chuanda Textile Co., LTD., Huaibin County, skilled in textile industry.10. Chen Zhen, male, agricultural extension researcher of Gushi Seed Technology Extension Service Station, member of Henan Agricultural Society, member of Henan Crop Varieties Examination and Approval Committee.11. Fang Wei, male, legal person of Henan Xingwei Intelligent Building Materials Technology Co., LTD., advanced worker of bulk cement development in the province in 2017.Jian Zhonghai, male, director of r&d Department of Henan Sanyuan Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD., mechanical manufacturing engineer, Henan Province May 1 Labor Medal in 2021.Huang Jianhua, male, technical director and design director of Shangcheng Sandotang Traditional Handmade Shoes Co., LTD., representative inheritor of Intangible cultural heritage in Henan Province.Guo Li, male, Preparation Engineer of Percutaneous Drug Delivery Engineering And Technology Center of Henan Linggrui Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., licensed pharmacist, “The Most Beautiful Pharmacist” in Henan Province in 2019-2020 15.Su Chongjun, male, director of production technology Department of Xinyang Water Supply Company, senior engineer, 2015 Henan Province youth post expert.Liu Haiyu, female, deputy chief engineer of Henan Hexin Hengda Industrial Co., LTD., chemical engineer, technical hero of one hundred employees in Henan province in 2016.17. Xu Xiao, male, principal of Xinyang Dabieshan Senior Middle School, senior middle school teacher, excellent Communist party member of the city’s education system in 2020.18. Wang Xiaohui, male, General manager of Xinyang Xiaohui Food culture Service Center, Senior Technician of Chinese cooking, registered Master of Chinese cooking, one of the top ten Young Chefs in Asia, member of the CPPCC.Tong Junying, male, director of the second bar Workshop of rolling Mill, Xinyang Iron and Steel Co., LTD., Angang Group, metallurgical engineer.20. Wang Baogang, male, associate professor, director of the Teaching and Research Department of Cooking and Nutrition Education of Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry College, First-class Chinese cooking technician, first-class Chinese pastry technician, henan Province vocational skills appraisal and national catering industry judge, registered Chinese cooking master, excellent teacher of National Catering vocational education.Source: Xinyang People and Social Security Bureau website: Zheng Ye editor: Chen Xiaojun Final: Xu Liming reproduced this public number original article please indicate the source reproduced article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please feel free to contact us to delete.Xinyang Evening News new media matrix Xinyang Evening News official wechat the most beautiful hundred garden Kepuxi County Xinyang Water saving Service Center each of your praise and look, I like!