English reading English translation: May I have your ticket

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English reading English translation: May I have your ticket while we are in non-english language environment for a long time, this is our biggest disadvantage of learning English, however, we are in the “Internet + English learning tool” era, this is we can so as to offset the adverse effect brought by the English language environment to learn English.Therefore, if we want to achieve the sustainable development and lifelong learning ability of Our English when learning English in non-English language environment, we must learn to learn English in English, and use the known (old) English when learning English, so as to achieve the combination of “learning” and “using” English.With this in mind, we must be able to use the English we have learned when we learn the following simple English about checking in for an airplane.1. How can you learn if you are not allowed to learn English?A.: May I have your ticket and passport, please?B: Sure, here you are.A: How many pieces of luggage would you like to check?B: Two suit cases.A: OK Here is your ticket, passport, and boarding pass. The luggage tags are attached to the ticket cover.B: Thank you.1.May I have your ticket and passport, please?Okay.Igot you.If you say May I have your ticket,you mean Would you please show me your ticket,or produce your ticket2.SureOkay.I got you.Sure means Of course,Certainly,or No problem.3.here you are.Okay.I got you.When we pass something or give something yo someone,we maysay Hete you are,or Here you go.3. Thank you.When wr say Thank you,we can also.say I appreciate it,Thanks a lot,or Many thanks!Being able to use (old) English so proficiently when learning English in a non-English language environment is a great learning result.There is no need to take on too much and translate it word for word into Chinese.