Can Chen Dream of a Grand Slam in durban next year?

2022-05-07 0 By

There was a time when Olympic champion Chen Meng had a chance to surpass Zhang Jike as the shortest table tennis Grand Slam. But who would have thought that just last November in Houston, The United States, Chen Meng met his “terminator” Wang Manyu, and finally failed to reach the semifinals, so Chen Meng’s dream was broken in Houston.Many people felt sorry for Chen Meng. Even before the match, many mainstream media had prepared the publicity articles after Chen Meng won the Grand Slam.However, all this came to an end when Wang Manyu knocked out Chen Meng 4-3 and went on to beat Sun Yingsha to win her first World Championship title.Now many of Chen Meng’s fans, including Chen Meng himself, are placing their hopes on the Durban World Table Tennis Championships next year. As long as Chen Meng can win the durban World Table Tennis Championships, Chen Meng will realize her dream of a Grand Slam in table tennis.Today xiaobian and everyone to discuss is this problem.Can Chen Dream a grand Slam at the Durban World Table Tennis Championships next year?In fact, we all know that Chen Meng still has a chance to achieve his dream grand Slam, but it is more difficult.Why does xiaobian say this?First, Chen Meng is older, nearly 30 years old, it should be said that no matter in physical strength, or energy is definitely not as good as young players.2021 domestic competition, and small players kuaiman is very difficult to play.World Table Tennis championships and Hirano Mi-woo play is narrowly beat Hirano Mi-woo.For the Durban World Table Tennis Championships next year, facing the impact of more young players at home and abroad, Chen Dream to reach the final is indeed a little difficult.Second, the tactics of Chen Meng had not lead, just Chen Meng that time kung fu road, solid basic skills, especially the backhand, so Chen Meng since 2017 has been the standings, for more than four years ranked first in the world, especially in the 2019-2021 at the height of her career, bid for the Olympic Games women’s singles world champion.But after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Chen’s form actually began to wane.And another strong man Wang Man Yu after the Baptism of the Tokyo Olympic Games, has been enlightened, unstoppable, so there was the national Games, world Table Tennis championships beat Chen Meng situation, a certain point of view is also a kind of inevitable.Because Wang Man yu play more advanced, more impact!Third, Chen Meng’s psychological quality, especially her ability to resist pressure, has never been the strongest among the troika.Although previous Chen Meng always can overcome Sun Yingsha, but as long as Sun Yingsha once a breakthrough, with little devil to play the psychological quality of the final and actual combat ability, overcome Chen Meng is very possible, and newly crowned world champion Wang Man yu after a big test on world championships in Houston, now whether technical advantage, or physical strength is when a dozen years,Chen Meng and the above two countries ping sisters have obviously played the ball.And Chen mengzai against Japanese players ITO Mimato, Hayata Hina, or even Miyou Kihara and so on how much chance?From the Houston World Table Tennis Championships Chen Meng and Hirano miyu played close, we can conclude that Chen Meng has not much advantage at present.Chen Meng after all, of course, is the Olympic Games and World Cup winner, leading and competition is rich, as long as Chen Meng within this year to recover slowly, more major is to adjust the mentality, mentality of a title to carry out targeted training, can in practice to increase dexterity element rather than depend on dash, best can learn more from Malone,It is not out of the question to win the durban World Table Tennis Championships women’s singles world champion, then you can realize your dream of a grand Slam table tennis!And a spot on the Paris roster.What do friends think of this?I am Huludao Amu, welcome to leave a comment.