Bama Tea industry released the new Wuyi rock tea to help the high-quality development of tea industry

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In the recently held eight horse tea wuyi rock tea new release conference, eight horse tea released “Swallow nest cinnamon · niuyi 12800” and “Swallow nest cinnamon · Harsh 5000” two new Wuyi rock tea.Two new products by eight horse tea industry and fu Lotus tea industry to create, select high-quality raw materials from swallow nest ecological tea garden, through strict tea making skills and traditional baking secrets, into a just natural rich “rock bone flower”.It is understood that swallows nest is the national agricultural sustainable development experimental demonstration area demonstration point, in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University professor, science and technology special liao Hong and his team of scientific concept of empowerment, achieved tea garden average annual carbon emission reduction 30%, phosphorus use reduced 90% of the results *;The green and innovative cultivation mode makes the tea trees here contain a variety of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.Behind the “Swallows nest cinnamon · Niuyi 12800” and “swallows Nest Cinnamon · Harsh 5000” cups of tea with great significance of “reducing natural load and adding bonus points to health”, this reflects the strong product and brand strength of Bama Tea industry.Not long ago, according to the certificate provided by anxi County government and Wuyishan City government, Bama Tea industry ranked first in tax payment in 2021, which means that Bama tea industry won the title of wuyi Rock tea and Anxi Tieguanyin origin tea enterprise for two consecutive years from 2020 to 2021.Because quality leads, so sales lead;Because of the sales lead, so the first tax – Bama tea industry again to appear in the tax results, confirmed its leading position in the domestic oolong tea field.For two consecutive years, the two largest oolong teas ranked first in terms of origin tax payment, which not only exemplifies the market position of Bama tea industry, but also shows its responsibility and responsibility to repay the origin tax.In Wuyishan, Bama Tea has invested to build a modernized, standardized and intelligent Bama Tea Wuyishan Ecological Industrial Park, helping the development of the local tea industry in an all-round way.It is reported that this project is the second tea industry comprehensive base integrating planting, production, research and development as well as culture and tourism invested heavily by Bama after Anxi, and has become a benchmark project in Wuyi Mountain.Bama Tea also offered generous bonuses to help the local tea industry in the form of tea King competition.Last year, BAMA held the 2021 Wuyi Rock Tea “Double World Heritage” Cup Tea King Competition in Wuyi Mountain, with a total bonus of 4.08 million yuan to encourage tea farmers to make good tea.The “2021 Bama Tea Industry Anxi Tieguanyin Tea King Competition” will be held in Anxi, and the winning units or individuals can also be selected as strategic cooperative suppliers of Bama Tea industry.Not only that, Bama Tea actively practices the concept of “helping farmers with tea”, goes deep into many tea core producing areas, and builds a cooperative body of Chinese tea industry.With the mind and spirit of a leading tea chain brand in China, Bama has been committed to building a value-creating open platform for tea farmers and tea enterprises to participate in and contribute “Bama strength” to the high-quality development of Chinese tea industry.In the future, Bama tea industry will continue to adhere to the development policy of “quality leading and brand driving”, and gather high-quality tea of Chinese origin with the standard of high-end Chinese tea, so that people around the world can enjoy the health and happiness of tea.Source: New Fujian