“Sword” : squinting to see “mountain blue and white burning”, Chen Ping an’s old faults again

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“Sword to”, Chen Ping an ran to lotus root, and hu Shan sent fairy Gao Jun good a chat.Also thanks to Gao Jun’s good status, repair for good, otherwise he had been impressed by his elegant demeanour, accidentally like the present Chen Jianxian.Have to say, this is Chen Ping an recently rare and fairy alone for a long time drama, if you squints to see “mountain blue and white burning” this chapter, will feel Chen Ping an old problem again.Jiangbi bird more than white, mountain blue and white to burn;This spring to see again, what is the year.This is the first and second quatrains written by Du Fu, in which “the mountain blue and white flowers are about to burn” means that the mountains are green and bright, and the red wild flowers seem to be burning up.The scenery is beautiful, the wild flowers are delicate and charming, it seems to melt the heart, warm, some intoxicating.Just do not know Whether Chen Jianxian smoked drunk feeling.Oh, Chen Ping an’s courage again, dare to and such a fairy so long alone, really not afraid of Ning Yao across the world to pass a sword?Old habits are really hard to dare.Since the beginning of the year in the town, Chen Ping an’s female popularity has been very good, nothing more than a pair of thorough clean eyes, a face of pure expression.From Aquarius island to Tongye Island, and then to Beiju Island, how many women fell in love with him?Only say that the famous several, Ruan Xiu, Yao Jinzhi, Sui Jingcheng, and a certain let a person not remember the name of the rain god woman, Chen Ping was not convinced, and even the original look at Chen Ping He Xiaoliang the proud daughter of the day.Can only say, in this aspect Chen Ping an really have a hand, has reached the “water heartless, falling flowers but intentional” superb realm.It’s just, it’s been a long time.But do not want to this time because of lotus root double happiness, let Chen Ping an’s old faults again.There are two people to see the blessing, Chen Ping an to see wufu Zhong Qian things to Zhu Ren, he ran to Gao Jun, between wufu and fairy, unconsciously chose the fairy!No wonder pexiang’s mouth turned up when he made this decision.After seeing Gao Jun, Chen Ping ‘an played a high man, and then came to the point and asked her how much she knew about the outside world, apparently to lead the topic to the direction he was good at, and she was interested in.As expected, Gao Jun bite a hook, two people you I do not know how much.In this process, Chen Ping ‘an does not talk about his realm and tao age, continue to keep mysterious, on the other hand, he revealed that he is the Lord of the blessed land, and has a rather strong family.Continue to fan gao Jun, continue to lure her with lofty.If the general fairy, only Chen Ping ‘an this one operation, has been his admiration, imperceptibly heart dark move.Fortunately, Gao Jun is not an ordinary fairy, has not been tempted.But Chen Ping an and Gao Jun all the way to walk in the hushan school everywhere, hushan school many doorman disciples have seen their female boss and a man accompanied by the way, it is hard to avoid a random guess.Gao Jun even if slow, after Chen Ping ‘an left, will be the first time to be aware of this delicate atmosphere, so the heart will inevitably think.Some things, afraid of heart to think.Therefore, Gao Jun cannot escape Chen Ping an’s evil hand after all.In a word, squinting at the chapter “mountain blue and white burning”, Chen Ping an’s old habit of touching flowers and provoking grass again.