Lee Dong-hoon is stupid!In a short month, are Shenzhen and Colleges advancing again?

2022-05-06 0 By

On January 7, Li dongxun defeated Shen Zhen in the black match in group A of the 1st Cowknee Phoenix Claw Cup.This victory, let him directly become the first beef knee chicken feet cup champion candidate!Just a month later, Lee dong-hoon again met Shin Jin-advance in the second round of the KB League playoffs.Coincidentally, he played black again this time.Black 29, Lee Dong-hun released “depth charge”.In advance of the black 29 shooting, Li Dongxun must have thought that in advance of this episode shenzhen would be blown up to one Buddha and two buddhas born.White 40,42, pointy hands.The black side’s “depth charge” became a dud.White 48,50 break, black feels a big nod.White 60 flies, black’s attack goes straight to zero.Black 61 attack white 28, white 62 is a move “a son dual use” wonderful hand.White 76 fly, black 77 can only be forced to scalp out.At 78, the equilibrium in the field has long since ceased to exist.Black lunges at White’s dragon, but white’s 106 tip makes Black feel deeply desperate.Now, black has two catches.But no matter which side Black plays, a chunk of black is going to be destroyed.Here, Lee Dong-hoon must be a fool!In advance, he must be wondering whether shenzhen colleges and universities have improved in advance in a short month.People say, Lee Dong-hoon, you are too careless in Advance of Shenzhen.