Genting Double Double AD flow version of the answer, gun + Wing front bulldozer to break everything

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Hello, everyone, happy New Year!I’m a rabbit!Today, we bring the lineup of the two-player mode:Spell of gun fights + 8 pick well, team’s biggest bright spot is the bounty of the ceiling, both sides can eat, walk a 8 of 10 loss directly invincible, and now basically in the double mode are being responsible, such as song ji, seldom people choose to go forever, is not not strong, but leave eight challenge is strong, so old still is to choose the streak,If you can open 8 challenges or gun side of the high bounty, high alchemy, lineup strength is very high.After testing, this lineup of equipment may look at the conflict, but because it is a double mode, explosive equipment probability randomness, rabbit test, both sides can find the perfect god, so we do not have to worry about equipment this point, followed by the lineup strength, how to say, record 3 even chicken, who uses who knows!Here’s the moment!Here is a brief analysis of the lineup!Line-up brief analysis spelling duo duo fighting gun line-up composition fetter: 4 fighting 2 gunners 3 Alchemy 2 sisters 2 geeks 2 law enforcement 2 scholars equipment choice: master C Urgart: core equipment split + light language, all are necessary, one is indispensable.The last one can do endless, monster, Quicksilver, resurrection A, etc., choose 3 output or2 output +1 fault tolerance.If there are more tears, electric knife can also be made.C jinx: Core armor resurrection armor + Killer.The last item increases the sustained output of the Saber. If not, use endless, Justice, drink blood, etc.Main Tammondo: Core armor + Fanatics.The last piece can be plate armour, dragon teeth, redemption, ice heart and so on.Hex: the heart of the bounty, disdain shrug, fight side by side, soaring, upgrade, high-end shopping, deliberately lost, profit rolling profit, hunting star god.8 pick Wing wing lineup composed of fetter: 8 challenge 2 Academy 2 Law enforcement gear options: main C Wing Wing: Core Mercury, split.Out of mercury and not out of the resurrection of the reason is, now the environment blitzer, Song Ji is still popular, very restrained Yong En burst, so choose mercury free control.Third, sunder armor is the best. If not, use Jul, Endless, Justice, Titan, etc.Vice C Jace: Select Vice C jace if you have challenge turn, equip: Challenge Turn + Endless + Justice/Drink Health/Whisper/Slaughter.Choose Blademite C without challenge turn, and the equipment recommended is: Monster + Blaster + Endless/Justice/Titan.Auxiliary Kasha: a ghost book, hit the group therapy effect.Second damage item of choice: Devastator or Spell Blast or hat;One last piece of recommended battery life: Tech gun or Justice.Pick Hex: Challenger coat of arms, Pose, Advantage of short arms, Hunting star, Fetter, Team Gain, Economy, D card.Hex: Lost on purpose, Bounty Hunter heart, D to the top (start with 20 virtual economy, rush population), The Way forward (more suitable for 4 fee), Salvage bucket, Pandora, DD Block, Profit, dominance, upgrade, golden tickets, high-end shopping.Pinduoduo gun operation: stage 2:2-1 without population, 2-3 naturally to 4, 2-6 without card economy F, 2-7 to 5, equipment selection 8 gold coin start rush attack speed, priority to make split.Early consecutive defeat, eat about 3 or3 rewards, 2 options can take suspension bounty.2-1 does not increase population, 3 population according to the off-court sperm defeat, 2-3 natural to 4, 4 population sperm defeat or fight fake match, 2-4 draft looking for boxing to do light language.Equipment optional stage to choose 8 gold coins, 2-6 card economy F, convenient 2-7 whoring high fee card.Stage 3:3-6 population, continued abortion;3 to 5 on 7 population, according to the amount of blood to choose whether to accept vegetables 3 to 2 on 6 population, there is a bounty to choose to continue to sperm failure, according to the quality of the outside selection card, try not to accept vegetables, more greedy several waves to improve the lineup ceiling.Select D card or continue to eat bounty based on health between 3-5 and 7: if health > 50, continue to lose to 4-2 and 8, then search card, suck teammate can;If health is less than 40, then start D card, the big mouth, captain D to 2 stars, will not change the big mouth, if the big mouth one star will be on the urgart to collect vegetables.Help your teammate stay young-eun in the d-card process or pick up young-eun with inappropriate equipment for your teammate in the draft.Rune of loyalty 1: Teleport teammate 1, Chang Yong ‘en, and pay attention to digest equipment from both sides.Stage 4: after collecting vegetables, remove the surplus 40+ economy directly pull 8. After collecting vegetables, remove the surplus 40+ economy directly pull 8. 8.8 Population base lineup: 4 Gladiator + Urgat + Jinx + Wind girl + Kenji, tamu will change to low fee gladiator, Jace will change to Kenji, Cat will change to Wind girl after 2 stars.Rune of Loyalty 2: Teleport 2 stars of Yongen or Kasha to a teammate, and pay attention to the equipment of both sides.Stage 5: D to scene all 2 money ready to 9or chase Samsung four fee stage 5 will scene in addition to the 5 fee card all D to 2 stars can start to save money: choose 9or in 8 chicken chase Samsung four fee card, if the peer less in the 8 level find, peer more than 9 lift quality waiting for their death chase Samsung.Stage 6:6-1or earlier 9 population 9 population hang cat cover shield supplement control.Tamu for low cost melee, and feed cards per wave, if strong, feed as many 2 star units as possible.If you choose to pursue the Samsung four fee card in level 8, you will wait for a wave after the death of the peer, D out of Samsung.Rune of Loyalty 3: Use to pass 2 stars to a teammate, Yongen or Jace or Kasha, and pay attention to the digestion of equipment from both sides.8 pick Wing en operation: stage 2:2-1 no population increase, 2-3 natural to 4, 2-6 no card economy F, 2-7 to 5, equipment optional phase choose 8 gold coin start rush attack speed, priority to do split.Early successive defeat is given priority to, eat about 3 raise economy, of course, direct bo 3 reward is also very good.2-1 unpromoted population, 3 population based on off-court sperm failure, 2-3 natural to 4, 4 population sperm failure or fake match, 2-4 draft shovel or mercury loose pieces.Choose 8 gold coins in the equipment exchange phase. If you choose shovel in the second phase, you can choose attack speed or other appropriate equipment.2-6 non-card economy F convenient 2-7 whoring high-fee card.Stage 3:3-2 liters of 6 population, choose the right work card.3-5 7 population D play wing – en + system card 3-2 6 population, directly with the Yodel small gun overshoot, if the challenge card is too much use alchemy werewolf or imperial Shamira overshoot.3-5 play 7 people, small D play 1 card + challenge basic card can stop, the quality is enough to help teammates to collect vegetables, 7 people open 6 challenges + Japanese women open 2 academies, D card process help teammates to retain urgart or pick up the equipment is not appropriate urgart.Rune of Loyalty 1: Teleport an Agat or 2 stars to a teammate, and watch out for equipment digestion.Stage 4: remove the remaining 40+ economy outside the population directly pull 8 remove the remaining 40+ economy outside the population to D card directly pull 8, 8 population first suoha wave, then card 20-30 interest slowly lift quality, ensure that the economy does not collapse.Rune of Loyalty 2: Teleport 2 star Urgat, Jinx, or Tam, and watch out for equipment on both sides.Stage 5: D to scene all 2 to save money ready to 9or chase Samsung four fee card 20-30 dollars slow quality can be, 8 population D to scene all 2 can start to save money to choose 9OR8 level chase Samsung.8 population has challenge turned: 8 challenge, challenge turned over to Jess.8 population without challenge transfer: 6 challenge + Bloom + Japanese girl, Jess to bloom, Kitty to Japanese girl.Stage 6:6-1 or 9 in the morning, follow the two-star 5-fee card;Four fee card if more consider chasing three star four fee card.9 people can hang cats, continue D field quality can.If you choose to pursue the Samsung four fee card in level 8, you will wait for a wave after the death of the peer, D out of Samsung.Rune of loyalty 3: Teleport 2 star Urgat, Jinx, Tamu, etc., while teleporting, be aware of the equipment of both sides.Later station position: a map on the drill updated the bucket wheel continental lineup and station position everyone private message reply 1 can be downloaded to the latest 4K desktop version of a map on the drill and all tools map and all lineup details a map to understand and guide link portal to help you easy diamond master king, double happiness!Everyone loved ones click on it!This is important to the rabbit. Please!