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SPRING song people have a poem: “SPRING tea from the beginning to taste, gan xinqi fen Fu.”Tea plants after a whole winter rest, accumulated rich content, making spring tea taste mellow, fragrant.Every year, tou Chun tea is very popular, and tea customers are all proud of drinking a mouthful of fresh tou Chun tea.The “spring tea season” has quietly begun.SPRING tea is earlier than SPRING!Early spring tea generally refers to the tea harvested from the first bud leaves of tea trees after the winter.Spring tea generally refers to tea picked and made before Tomb-sweeping Day.Spring tea is rich in nutrients, so it has thick mesophyle, high content of aromatic substances and vitamins, fresh taste, high aroma and good quality.SPRING tea has been mined in parts of China’s Hainan and Guizhou provinces in early January 2022, when tea trees in most tea producing areas are still in winter.Yes, it is “spring tea” that is still picked in winter.In terms of season, it’s winter tea, but in terms of climate change it’s spring tea.Map of national early spring tea China has a vast territory, the spring with the latitude layer by layer, spring tea mining time from south to north extension.Each province has its own morning spring tea.Spring tea is mostly green tea. There are spring tea in West Lake Longjing, Biluochun, Zhuyeqing, Huangshan Maofeng, Luan Guapian, Lushan Yunwu, Xinyang Maojian and so on.With the continuous improvement and development of tea plant breeding and tea production and processing technology, spring tea category includes black tea, white tea, pu ‘er tea and other categories in addition to green tea.Such as: hainan – white tea – guizhou – them tea fujian lake kasumigaura yuanxiao dongting “biluochun” tea, wenzhou, zhejiang jiangsu morning tea – hunan – we – sichuan – black tea mengding dew henan xinyang maojian tea in anhui – luan GuaPian yunnan pu-erh tea these names, some familiar, some strange, take advantage of this early spring season, look for tea, early for yipin drive!Hainan’s first spring tea, as early as last December has been mined, so Hainan tea is called “Huaxia first Morning Spring tea”.Baisha green tea was the first to be mined in Hainan this year.Its taste thick alcohol fresh cool, unique flavor.In addition, in addition to baisha green tea, There are many Hainan tea, such as Wuzhishan green tea, Wuzhishan Xianhao, Longling Qilan, Longling Maojian, Hainan Baihao, Jinding Longjing, Chunlan……The 2022 Guangxi Spring Tea Festival and early spring tea mining ceremony was held in Guyi Town, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Liuzhou city, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Feb. 10, 2018.The local superior natural environment breeds the unique flavor of “Sanjiang Early Spring tea”, which is fresh, sweet and fragrant.Guizhou Wuniuzao, Longjing 43 and other Guizhou morning tea are excellent representatives of the quality characteristics of Guizhou green tea: “emerald green, tender chestnut fragrance, strong and refreshing taste”.New Year’s day in 2022, when north China was a piece of ice and snow, diffuse camellia also sleep in the winter sun, clouds between the twilight of large areas of land on the pu ‘an tea mountain of guizhou WuNiuZao, longjing 43 lobules of fresh tea has been covered with green buds, industrious buyi people first start fresh tea picking, grasping the harvest “first pot of gold”.Wenzhou Morning Tea “Wenzhou Morning tea” is the earliest “wake up” spring tea in Zhejiang, which was mined on February 15 this year.This regional brand has developed yongjia Wuniuzao, Taishun Sanbei Xiang, Cangnan Cuilong varieties, excavated and restored the historical famous tea leqing Yandang Maofeng, Wenzhou Huangtang, Wencheng Gong tea, unique “tender, fresh, sweet” and other qualities.Biluochun has been listed as a tribute since the Tang and Song Dynasties, and is famous for its “scaring evil fragrance!”In ancient times, every year in order to ensure that the emperor can drink biluochun before qingming, people can not be careless.In the appropriate water temperature, green tea buds, green tea soup, rolling in the cup, the dense steam makes the tea overflowing.This cup, enough to hold the whole, apricot flowers spring rain jiangnan.Mengding Tea is the representative of Sichuan Spring tea.In early February, tea farmers in Mengding Mountain, Ya ‘an city, Sichuan Province, begin to pick the delicate “buds” after the Spring Festival.Mengding nectar produced here is one of the famous ancient teas in China, respected by Bai Juyi as the old tea.It has a unique taste, since ancient times it has attracted countless scholars, not far to come here, only a kiss.Since yuanxiao tea is called Yuanxiao tea, it must have something to do with the Lantern Festival.Around Lantern Festival, tea farmers in Xiapu County, Ningde, Fujian province, will harvest the first spring tea of the year.Looking ahead, tea garden green green tea tree layer upon layer, field ridge hand carrying a bamboo basket of tea farmers fingers flying, a busy scene.Xiapu Yuanxiao tea, formerly known as “Funing Yuanxiao Green”, tastes fragrant and refreshing.In 2000, Mr. Zhang Tianfu, China’s tea leader, after drinking it, cheerfully inscribed the plaque “Xiapu Yuanxiao Tea”.Above is the map of early spring tea mined earlier.Spring tea, as the name suggests, is picked in spring, usually from late March to early May.In the next three months, there will be spring tea mining in various places, check out this schedule, don’t miss the best tasting time!Spring tea is expected to be mined in February: Hubei Enshi Yulu, Fujian Xiapu Yuanxiao Tea,The fresh tea of fujian earliest mining Hunan we pine needle tea Xiangxi gold tea DouYun maojian tea and other qiannan, xiasi fresh tea Sichuan emei snow bud Fuding white tea baekho silver needle Jiangxi to WuNiuZao morning tea Anhui huangshan rapidly, YueXi green tea Suichuan GouGuNao white peony tea fujian tea march is expected to mining, the life of the eyebrow, the GongMei in March into the mining periodGuangxi Liubao tea basically enters the picking period in March; Anhui Huangshan Maofeng enters the peak mining period in March; Yueyang Junshan Silver needle mines Lushan Yunwu tea in early MarchJiangsu dongting “biluochun” shaanxi xixiang meridian fairy milli hangzhou west lake longjing tea wenxian county in gansu province huzhou anji white tea qimen county in anhui tea of yunnan puer tea generally at the end of march to April April mining of fresh tea picking taiping monkey chief is expected to guangdong British black tea henan xinyang maojian tea in anhui province, anhui luan GuaPian taiping monkey chief northern fujian oolong tea, black tea is in commonly 4 to 5 monthsFujian southern Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan Oolong tea will be picked in April to June, the spring tea taste, the above schedule is for reference only, the specific market time will change according to the weather conditions each year.Now, many consumers are more happy to taste new tea, the earlier the tea, the more bud more tea feel good to drink.In fact, the idea that “the fresher the tea, the better” is a beautiful misunderstanding.For tea lovers, the first step to embrace spring is to drink spring tea.Brew a cup of spring, and taste spring tea “fresh”, send to love tea, can drink a cup of it?Looking forward to this year’s spring tea, slowly sip between fine products, let the tea fragrance mixed with spring scenery, washing our viscera.Drink a cup of tea, hold a book, in the spring and enjoy the good time of life!END Author: Er Dong Choreography: Chu Air Review: Yang Wei, Wu Shaoyu Photo: Duo Duo, Photo network