Follow the trend to buy strings of hands, more dish more dark, how to do?

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Today xiaobian browses the article on the Internet, I see a player said: “Follow the fashion to buy strings, but the more I wear it, the darker it gets.How to be as beautiful as others.”A lot of players responded with their own opinions.The first netizen said that the newly bought wooden hand string must wear gloves to play.Two years later, no more glove plate.But the thing to note, summer hands sweat more so can’t play.The third user said, you play this string of hand string more obvious characteristics is not wearing gloves to play too much, black not bright, slightly coated pulp.Play wooden hand string want beautiful pulp, early must wear gloves plate, remember the trick: less plate put more, plate put together.In the process of playing, the sweat grease on the hand forms patina on the surface of the beads. At this time, it is necessary to let the beads rest and do not play any more, and let the grease shrink. Repeat this step continuously, and over time, beautiful patina and hanging porcelain will naturally form.Wooden hand strings avoid sweating hands, which is why gloves must be worn.Finally, I would like to emphasize that there must be less plate and more, wearing gloves, dry hands are not recommended to always use the hand, hand also pay attention to play, regardless of the early and late, want to play out of the beads beautiful, be gentle, careful!”Said a fourth.Wooden hand and seeds hand chain prior to wear gloves to play, hang up, then wrapped slurry, jade disc to static hand hand series plate play, by its wooden hand string afraid sweat, will the dish the dirt, seeds hand like peach pit, king kong seven to three points rinse, can through the baptism of the time playing out beautiful hand strings, jade class hand just started direct offer, will the plate of the lip.”Said a fifth.Hand string to buy back, more dish more dark!In fact, this is normal!Because just made hand string, is after high polishing, so that the hand string smooth and delicate luster, generally up to 5000-7000 mesh.But when we buy it back and play with it in hand, it will rub off its luster at the beginning and feel darker and darker than before. This is normal.Hold the hand stick to plate play, occasionally can brush a brush, slowly will be bright.Xiaobian is more inclined to the fourth player said.Different hand string, different treatment.If you do it the wrong way.A beautiful string of literary hands can be ruined.If you have anything to add or point out.Feel free to share your insights in the comments section.You can also join the discussion in the hashtag # wordplay.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to cloud Bamboo Zen heart (statement: this article is “cloud Bamboo Zen heart” author original, shall not be reproduced without authorization.Do not respect the original behavior we will be held responsible)