Draw concentric circles of “centralization”

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Time flies, season is a stream.The year 2022 is coming with the strongest sound of “The first Session of the New Year”.Nonyl tiger year starts on the first day, hengyang held by not waiting for my sense of urgency “cohesion centralized GongJianNian” operation arouses congress, in order to “open year namely starts, starts the war” tiger tiger drive to call on the whole city unswervingly to speed up the process of centralized, speed up the construction of genuine national regional key city and provincial deputy center city,To the city released a strong signal to grasp the industry, big industries, big projects, big projects, played a new “voice of struggle” on the new journey.Convergence centralization, convergence is the power of one mind.When people are united, Mount Tai can be moved.Municipal party committee again called: at the beginning of the New Year, the city’s various departments at all levels to form the thought of “cohesion center”, to “the center” as the goal, strive toward the “center”, at the center of the global vision clear positioning, to accelerate the construction of center, system thinking in a larger area concentration and radiation, demonstration and leading role, continuous upgrading of the influence of hengyang, radiation and driving force.Recently, the state Ministry of Science and Technology and science and technology information research institute of China issued the national innovative city innovation ability monitoring report and the national innovative city innovation ability evaluation report, the national more than 288 local and comprehensive evaluation of innovation ability of the city of hengyang succeed again in the national innovation ability top city.The list is famous, Hengyang people of one heart to accelerate the promotion of the “three strong one” force, to show the strength of science and technology.Centralization of forces brings together the energies of concentric forces.It’s gonna be unstoppable.In the New Year, the Municipal Party Committee called on the whole city to focus on the “center” with the posture of running, adding “physical strength” and “kinetic energy” in the “long-distance race”, promoting the process of “centralization” with faster speed, longer lasting power and more steady pace, and striving to achieve the “good start” of the first season.The first week of the New Year, Jinbei Electrician Hengyang Cable Co., Ltd. opened the door “100 million yuan red envelope”;Yanfeng wine industry “full horsepower” busy production;Byd intelligent manufacturing industrial park in full swing busy scene, not only the enterprises frequently achieve a wonderful start, transportation, entertainment, tourism and other industries have also opened the door to see “happy”.According to statistics, the passenger throughput of Nanyue Airport during the Spring Festival holiday reached 12,000 person-times, which made a “good start” for the Spring Festival transportation service.The Spring Festival film box office revenue, Hengyang achieved 2,016 million yuan of box office results, second only to Changsha, ranked the second province;The low temperature rain and snow weather during the Spring Festival holiday was almost “never missing”. However, the 22 tourist attractions in the city received nearly 350,000 tourists, with business revenue of more than 23 million yuan, and the tourism income was “collected”.See the line “happy”, Hengyang, with one heart to speed up the “three strong one”, to show strong economic energy.Convergence “centralization”, convergence is the weight of one heart.The country is the people and the people are the country.To accelerate the development of regional economic centers, consumer centers, medical centers, education centers, and emergency response centers, and basically build them into key national and regional cities and sub-central cities at provincial levels worthy of the name, is to adhere to the people-centered development philosophy and constantly meet the people’s aspirations for a better life.The mechanism of “five systems and one platform” speeds up project construction, the mechanism of “five all and one normal state” stands guard for safe production, the mechanism of “code protection” escorts enterprises, the standardization of urban and rural governance adds color to the beauty of our homeland, and the national health city is created for the happiness of the people, etc.Everyone supports, Hengyang up and down one heart to accelerate the “three strong one” qi synchronization, show the weight of the people.Coagulate new bureau, gather force “centralization”.Hengyang will be afford to wait, the era of slow shall not sit still and sense of urgency, seize opportunities, overcome difficult, the whole city into a rope, a total of holding a pen, draw coagulation hearts meet force “centralized” concentric circles, promote the construction of genuine national regional key city and provincial deputy centre city new progress and new atmosphere!