Nanchang second round of subway line network planning involves metro Line 5!There is no content of south extension of Subway Line 3

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Recently, a netizen asked about the south extension of subway Line 3 on the leading message platform, and the authorities made an official reply.Project finalized online consultation: metro line 3 whether can the south to the pond, the pond as a logistics hub of the city and even the entire province economic development play a critical point, and to the pond population also not small, relatively far distance to downtown, if the south to the pond, you can to the pond lotus pond nanchang better study, convenient public transportation, promoting economic development.After learning from relevant departments, Nanchang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau is simultaneously compiling Nanchang Urban Rail Transit Second-round Line Network Planning (2021-2035) in combination with The Overall Territorial Space Planning of Nanchang city (2021-2035).According to the preliminary plan, the current second round of subway network planning mainly involves metro Line 5, without the southern extension of Metro Line 3.With the development of the city, especially the rapid rise of The Changnan area, maybe there will be related plans in the future.In August 2021, a Nanchang news exposed the planning scheme of the third phase of Nanchang rail transit, which includes Line 5, Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Line 1 Rulehu branch, Line 3 east extension, Line 3 south extension, line 4 west extension.According to the key construction projects of jiangxi urban rail transit in the 14th five-year Plan, the new projects include the north extension of Nanchang Metro Line 1, the east extension of Nanchang Metro Line 2 and the east extension of Nanchang Metro Line 1 (already under construction).Nanchang Subway Line 3 is extended to the east and south, and Line 5, Line 6, Line 7, line 8 phase II.From the official reply, line 5 has been included in the planning, but other lines still have the possibility of change. From the perspective of proposed development, besides Line 5, which new line do you think is more important?