Luohe: 15 units and 5 communities were awarded “Municipal Garden Units and communities”

2022-05-05 0 By

On January 27th, the reporter learned from the office of The Urban Management Committee of Luohe that the survey, Planning and Design Institute of Luohe, Education Bureau of Luohe, luohe High School and other 15 units were awarded as “Municipal Garden Units”.Five communities, including Boshun Future Hacheng and Happiness Town, were awarded as “municipal garden communities.”It is reported that in order to enhance the city’s urban landscaping construction management level, improve the living environment, Luohe City management Committee office organized the 2021 annual “garden-style units” “garden-style community” selection activities.The selection invited a number of landscaping experts to form the evaluation group, more than 50 units to investigate the declaration.Evaluation group through the field view, information review, discussion and exchange, to the declaration of units for scoring, and finally, “municipal garden units”, “municipal garden district” have come into being.Luohe city urban management committee, said an official with the office related want named garden unit (neighborhood) make persistent efforts, the unit (district) of green construction as a long-term work to grasp, formulate concrete and effective measures, continue to increase the intensity of botanical garden afforestation construction, improve the system of landscape management, strengthen their greening achievements, strengthen the fine management,To ensure the unit (district) of green management level constantly improve, strive for provincial garden units (district).The list of “Garden Units and Garden Communities” awarded by The municipal government of Luohe 2021 is as follows:2021 municipal garden unit (15) luohe city garden virescence maintenance center luohe city street lamp maintenance administration of shaying river basin in henan province luohe city market survey of luohe city health supervision and administration commission luohe city planning design institute of luohe city bureau of agriculture and rural areas luohe city bureau of education high school luo river luohe city RenFangBan luohe city bureau organization affairs service center pads source areaFood and Strategic Reserves Bureau of He City luohe City Investment Construction Engineering Co., LTD. Luohe Pension Industry Investment and Development Co., LTD. 2021 Municipal Garden communities (5) Boshun Future Huacheng Phase I Luohe Jianye Guiyuan Yulan Mansion Happiness Town Community Boshun Future Huacheng Phase II