Listen to the needs of enterprises to explore the development of good policies Zhang Kun visited some key enterprises

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January 24, party secretary Zhang Kun visit visiting the city part of the key enterprises, listen to the enterprise development needs, to explore development solutions, to extend New Year blessings and good wishes to the entrepreneur and the worker, and start to encourage entrepreneurs to seize in the whole city, innovation and development, for the city to produce fusion, ecological function of production and life of cooperative promotion benchmarking cities make new contributions.City leaders Ji Yong, Wang Jianwu, Yin Haicheng attended.”Thank you for your contribution to the city’s economic development in 2021, and in the New Year, I wish you a new level of development.”In Jichuan Pharmaceutical, Zhang Kun had a detailed understanding of the production and operation of the enterprise, listened to the development needs and suggestions of the enterprise, and had an in-depth exchange with the person in charge of the enterprise on the future development planning.Dhi sichuan pharmaceutical industry with the strategy of “double hundred” as guidance, implemented a series of reform initiatives, implement the “quality, safety, production, cost control of new balance, promote the development of the digital new process, won a scholarship and the brand new honor, the implementation of the new optimization of operation and management, further strengthen the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprises running state.Zhang Kun said that Jichuan Pharmaceutical is an important support for the economic and social development of Taixing, and has made important contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of the city over the years. He hoped that the enterprise would continue to accelerate institutional innovation in the New Year, enhance the vitality of enterprise development, and continue to make new contributions to the local economic and social development.The Municipal Party committee and the municipal government will, as always, create a good external environment for the development of enterprises, actively solve problems for enterprises, and make joint efforts with enterprises to develop taixing’s economy well and handle the affairs of the people well.In Xinpu Chemical, Zhang Kun, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, extended holiday greetings to all the employees and their families of the company, and had a discussion with the enterprise leaders to listen to the needs of the enterprise.Zhang Kun fully affirmed the production and operation work of Xinpu Chemical in the past year and expressed heartfelt thanks to the enterprise for its great support to the economic and social development of our city over the years.He said that in the New Year, he hoped the enterprises would continue to seize development opportunities and forge ahead to make the enterprises develop better, faster and stronger.At the same time, enterprises should tighten the string of production safety, do a good job in production safety during the festival, investigate all kinds of hidden dangers, and strictly prevent all kinds of accidents.Zhang Kun and his delegation also visited Jinjiang Chemical, Yingsheng Energy Saving and Yangzi Xinfu to learn about their production and operation, product orders, economic benefits, development plans, production safety and epidemic prevention and control.Zhang Kun thank you on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government enterprise’s contribution for the economic and social development of taixing, encourage enterprises to a New Year at target, going all out, pioneering innovation, continue to become bigger and stronger, to strictly implement the safety production responsibility at the same time, strictly fine to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, ensure enterprise production stability during the festival;All relevant departments are required to continuously optimize the quality of services, spare no effort to support the development of enterprises, further strengthen communication with enterprises, and actively help enterprises solve problems and difficulties, so as to facilitate their better and faster development.(Reporter Jiang Kai)