If you want to retire without worries, please cherish 3 people when you are young, otherwise it will be difficult

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Who do you think we can rely on most for happiness in our old age?Is it a child or a spouse?My mother has warned me many times that I should cherish my marriage and treat my spouse well. She thinks that when I get old, my children need to struggle outside and have no time to accompany you. When you are sick and in danger, only your spouse can accompany you.The grandmother who gets four sons filial piety, evening scene happiness thinks, the reason why people can’t get children filial piety in their old age is that they won’t be parents, and they didn’t treat their children and their spouse well. As long as you don’t die, you can get children’s filial piety.Uncle Li, who had saved a lot of money and hired a nanny to serve him, said, “It is better to beg for others than to beg for yourself, and it is better to rely on money than on others. Only by saving more money can we ensure happiness in our old age.”I still remember Hu Shi once said, “To reap the good fruits of the future, we must strive to plant new causes of the present.Grain by grain, there will be a barn full of harvest.”Cause and effect permeates the whole life. Cause and effect lead to effect, cause and effect lead to effect, cause and effect lead to good effect, cause and effect lead to bad effect. Whether you will be happy or miserable when you are old is directly related to whether you have accumulated virtues and good fortune when you are young.If you want to retire without worries, please cherish 3 people when you are young, otherwise it will be difficult.First, be a good husband or wife before asking your spouse to stick with you when you’re old.”That heartless old woman, I was in the hospital she did not come to wait on, but every day square dance, play not yiyi happy.”When Uncle Yang was in hospital, he often complained to others that his wife was not virtuous, selfish and heartless, and did not even take care of his man. However, when the insiders heard his complaints, they would either turn up their nose at him or directly accuse him of serving him right.Uncle Yang has been married to his wife for more than 40 years and has a son and a daughter, but he is not a qualified husband.In the face of contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, he has been pulling partial frame, allowing his mother to embarrass his wife, even for his mother for many times to his wife, let his wife was seriously hurt.He is out and about, willing to buy gifts for his lover, but never remembers the birthdays of his wife and children.He asks his wife to serve his parents well, but always prevents his wife to return home to honor his parents.”If my mother hadn’t worried about me and my sister having a stepmother and no one to take care of us, plus her inability to support us and income, she would have divorced him long ago. Let alone my mother, I didn’t even want to talk to him.”Married with you for decades, day and night together, have a common child, if not by you hurt too deep, she will be so ruthless to you?Yi Shu said: “any one person to leave you, is not a sudden decision, the heart is slowly getting cold, the leaves are gradually turning yellow, the story is slowly writing to the end, and love is because disappointed too much to become not love.”Be a good husband or wife before you ask your spouse to stay with you when you are old. Only when you treat her well and treat her with care, can he treat you well. Otherwise, no one is willing to treat a person who does not cherish himself well.Second, before you condemn your children for not being filial, you should reflect on whether you are worthy of the holy name of father or mother;Uncle Xu’s wife passed away 4 years ago, so he has chosen to live alone in his hometown in order not to trouble his children.The children respected Uncle Xu’s decision, but they were also very filial.Uncle Xu’s son lives in the city, and on weekends, he and his wife either visit him or let his son visit him and give him something.Uncle Xu’s daughter married far away, can not often come back, but every month to the living expenses, have time to call uncle Xu’s physical condition.In the years before the epidemic, his daughter and son-in-law would arrange for Uncle Xu to visit them every year for a physical examination.When Uncle Xu fell ill, his son and daughter either took care of him themselves or paid for a caregiver.”My grandparents prefer boys over girls, and my brother doesn’t like me. He doesn’t want me to study. He wants me to go out to work to make money after finishing junior high school.When I got married, I was given all the bride money to take away and keep.They’ve been so good to me, I’m sure I’ll honor them.””My parents have been helping me take care of my daughter for ten years, with everything I eat and drink. My wife and I are very grateful. We only hope that dad can live many more years, so that we can fulfill our filial duty.”Tolstoy once said, “All education, or nine hundred and ninety-nine hundredths of it, comes down to the example, to the decency and perfection of the parents themselves.Whether dutiful children, or not dutiful children, are raised by their parents, therefore, you have to bear the responsibility.If you teach them well from the very beginning, love them sincerely but do not spoil them, teach them independence, let them be down-to-earth, instill the right three values, children will not be ungrateful, regardless of your efforts.Raising children is not outdated, the key is whether you can educate them.Third, no matter what time, do not suffer yourself, try to be good to yourself.”If you have money, you don’t panic, you are healthy, you can take care of yourself, you have a good attitude, you can adapt to the life without company, you don’t cause trouble to your children, you will feel very comfortable when you are old.”Auntie Hua, 56, summed up her experience in supporting the elderly, believing that relying on others is better than relying on yourself.Aunt Hua has a monthly pension of 3,000 yuan, and found a job in a restaurant, where she can earn about 2,500 yuan a month. She has saved a sum of money and made a plan: “If my children are filial, I will leave a will to them; if not, I will find a nursing home to live in.”Aunt Hua keeps doing exercises and goes out for a run after dinner every day. She is in good health and seldom catches a cold and has a fever. She can take care of herself and lead a comfortable life.The last person to be kind to is yourself. If you are not kind to yourself, spoil your body and make yourself sick, you will not only put a heavy burden on your spouse and children, but also suffer.If you don’t take care of your money, you’ll be a burden to your children and you won’t be able to control your own destiny.In your old age, simplicity is a blessing. If you want to have a happy life, you should be kind to those around you and yourself when you are young. Otherwise, you will have to pay the same debts when you are old.Topic of the day: Who do you think we should treat best?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.